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One of the features that many readers wanted to return was the weekly poll feature that I used to do on a regular basis years ago. For some unknown reason, I got away from them at some point. So back by popular demand, here are a few questions to vote on and debate in the comments section:

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Unknown said...

Love it!!

SmokeyMaverick said...

Great to see it back! Some comments:

1.) Didn't vote on the Pirates one.... who is this guy.... I know I shouldn't be a snobby young 20-something, but Pirates Baseball seems toxic to me. I remember cheering for Andy Van Slyke and Jay Bell, and after that, the team has been a grey slimmy fuzzy entity to me...

2.) Here comes a San Diego/Green Bay SB. Mark it down.

3.) Cheering for Long Horns tonight \m/ But Conventional Wisdom pushes me towards the Tide. Wish Gerhart would have won the Heisman (Seriously, what is Jason White up to these days?!?!?)

4.) Who does NOT see the Panthers as making one of the 65 teams into the Tourney?

Steve said...

That's OK Mav. I think if you're not old enough to really remember when the Pirates won, then you shouldn't be required, or ashamed to give a crap about them. It's not like they're going out of their way to make anyone believe anything will really change now or in the future. Unless you’re one of those weird fans who cream their pants over "signable" draft picks and has-been, never-was, or never-will-be FA acquisitions. If you did know who Blyleven was, you'd probably be a miserable, bitter Pirates fan like the rest of us. Good for you!