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Pittsburgh has long had a love affair with the celebrity statue, from Art Rooney to Willie Stargell to Roberto Clemente and Mr. Rogers. And that inanimate fraternity is apparently getting one more member, because a Bill Mazeroski statue will be coming to a PNC Park near you.

Dejan Kovacevic reports that the statue's plans will be made official at PirateFest this weekend, but a design and location have not yet been determined. It will be added during the coming season, not coincidentally the 50th anniversary of Maz's series-winning blast in 1960.

Bob Pompeani is touting an exclusive on the statue for Tuesday's 11 PM news, and an online article on KDKA's website says that the statue will be made in one of three poses:

- "Maz" with his gold glove fielding a ground ball

- "Maz" at bat commemorating the only walk-off homerun to win a World Series

- "Maz" rounding the bases at Forbes Field in 1960, celebrating his homerun to take down the Yankees

Pirates plan to add Mazeroski statue to PNC Park [PG]

Pirates To Make Statue For Bill Mazeroski [KDKA]

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The Grey Bush said...

Joe Carter's home run won the 1993 Series... right?

Terry_Kelly said...

Yeah, Carter's did too. But Maz's was the only one in Game Seven. (Carter was Game Six.)

Koz said...

This is nice, but how about a Lemieux statue for the CEC?

Unknown said...

this will be nice but why not put up a tribute for one of the 2 teams that are still competitive in their respective leagues? i guess the half dozen baseball fans left need something to be excited about though.

Louis Lipps no longer accepts my phone calls... said...

Koz, I know for sure they're planning on putting a statue at CEC.

They haven't revealed who yet, but c'mon, we all know it's gonna be 66!

BurressWithButterflywings said...

They are absolutely putting a 66 statue at he CEC.

And Maz is very deserving of this honor.

Mr. Pinsky said...

It's gotta be the rounding the bases pose.

spoon said...

Rico Fata is getting a statue at CEC! SCHWEET!

PittCheMBA said...

It is a great honor for Maz. However, after a record 17 consecutive losing seasons, you have to question the timing of this announcement. Is it a ploy by the Pirates to deflect attention away from their mediocre team?

Anonymous said...

yea maz is cool but what another dumb PR grab. you'd have to be a fool to go to a game this season.