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It's time for the randomly-scheduled feature where YOU are the star, "Treats From the Inbox"

Looking back at about a year of these photos (since the feature unofficially started in January during the Steelers' Super Bowl run), I can say that you never fail to amaze me with the extreme locales, creativity, and sheer quantity of your pics. I mean, there has simply been a ton of submissions throughout 2009. A more passionate fan base I cannot imagine.

I thank you for your many contributions. I can definitively say that this has become one of my favorite features to organize on the site - and certainly more enjoyable than a post about the Pirates potentially bringing back Xavier Nady and/or Ron Villone, which was tonight's much, MUCH less desirable Plan B.

Now enough with my hot air, and on to the real meat of this post: your latest round of pics...

"My buddy and I went over to Egypt to visit our friend who moved their after college and married an Egyptian girl. All 3 of us went to high school in the Burgh so of course I brought the old faithful and had to get a pic of the 3 of us in front of one of the seven wonders of the world.
Thought you and the readers may enjoy the towel making it's mark in Giza!" -- Lally

"Thought I'd send you a pic of me and my girlfriend from Myrtle Beach
this summer showing some Steelers love. They have this T.I.G.E.R.S.
thing at one of the boardwalks and we stopped on our way to watch the
first preseason game this year. I tried to get them to make the
monkey hold my Terrible Towel, but she wasn't having it. Still turned
out awesome! Always gotta represent when you're out of town! Go
Steelers!" -- Steve V.

"I traveled to Berlin a week ago for my company’s International Export Meeting. When my husband found out that I’d be visiting the Berlin Wall, he insisted that I pack up my Terrible Towel for the journey. Go Steelers! " -- Courtney and Ryan R., West Palm Beach, FL

"I went to the Pitt vs. Notre Dame game. It was awesome, absolutely the loudest Pitt game I've ever been too.

First of all, I'm sorry about the poor photo quality. I'm a bad photographer and I was using my iPhone which has the worst cell phone camera known to man.

Anyway, I found these two pics for you. The first one, of the Snuggie, is a piece of "memorabilia" they are actually selling at the Sideline Store outlets in Heinz Field. I would give one of my toes to see the sales figures on that little piece of marketing genius.

The second one was as we were coming out of Heinz Field and walking to our car. Yes, that's right, not only is it a Steeler Jersey at a Pitt game. Not only is it a Duce Staley Jersey. But it's an AWAY Duce Staley Jersey. I saw it and thought of you. As I was snapping the picture the guy turned around and noticed us. My brother (who came to the game with me) chimed in, "Oh sorry man, we just like your jersey is all". The guy responded "Yeah!! Go Pitt!! Duce Duce!! He's the man!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

"Duce Duce". . . get it get it?? Pretty clever huh? *rolls eyes*

Just a guess here, but I think he had beer on his breath." -- Jason M., Tarentum

"Since I know you're always on the lookout for Terrible Towel pictures in faraway lands, here are a couple of me with my Towel at the Sydney Opera House (and Harbor Bridge). They were taken the weekend the Steelers beat the Broncos on MNF, which was extra sweet cause I live near Denver now. Also, a couple months ago (maybe late May or early June), I sent you a picture of my aunt with her Towel in front of Notre Dame in Paris, which you used for one of your links or news posts. So my family has now represented the Towel on three different continents. I was wondering though, if you have pictures of the Towel on each continent. I feel like there have to be pictures out there on the remaining four continents (even Antarctica). I also know that somewhere out there is a picture of the Towel on the International Space Station. I have no doubt that your loyal readers could drum up some pictures." -- Terry K., formerly of Mt. Lebanon

"I got to meet Lynn Swann when we he visited my college. He was a very entertaining and funny speaker. Pretty accomplished career for someone who was cut from his high school football team." -- Blane G., Grove City

"Thought I would send you this pic from 3/2009 on the top of Hidden Peak (11,000 ft elevation) at Snowbird Ski Resort in Salt Lake City, UT. Should be noted that when I posed for the picture a group of people getting off of the tram started to chant "Here We Go Steelers." -- Ryan L., Butler

"On a recent trip to Israel here is a picture of the Terrible Towel atop Massada after climbing up. Met at the base at 4:30 AM to climb and see the sunset. The climb wasn't so bad, but the last time I was up at 4:30 I was GOING TO bed (and in no shape to climb!)" -- Scott F.

"Here's a pic of a recent trip to Hawaii where I finished up some surfing with a photo op to represent a bit." -- Mike E.

"After browsing's morning jolt, I noticed something in the "must-see photo." Can you recognize the script on the grey sweatshirt in the lower left corner? That's right, that's a PITT showing at a Yankee celebration. Take it in." -- Dan K.

"I didn’t know Kramer worked for the Three Rivers ground crew way back when?" -- John M.

If you'd like to join in the fun for the next episode, here's what we're looking for:

-Personal photos and/or stories with Pittsburgh celebrities and athletes
-Terrible Towel shots from unusual locales
-Pittsburgh-centric license plates
-Pictures of Steeler/Pirate/Penguin jerseys in random places
-Well-written or thought-provoking emails
-Personal Burgh-sports stories
-Amusing Western PA-related links

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