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Matt Capps, we hardly knew ye: The Pirates decided to non-tender pitchers Matt Capps and Phil Dumatrait this weekend, making them free agents. Dumatrait, owner of a 3-10 lifetime record with an equally bad 7.06 ERA, was not much of a surprise, but much of the baseball world is scratching their heads over the Capps move.

Capps, who converted 27 of 32 save attempts in 2009, had a 5.80 ERA in 57 appearances. He made $2.4 million and change last season, and in the wacky world of baseball finances, could've very possibly scored himself a raise in the arbitration process. The Buccos obviously did not want to go that route, and presto, they now need a closer. At least they didn't go through the formality of getting a player in return. [PG]

The "other" city game: The 7-3 Duquesne Dukes edged a tough Robert Morris team on Saturday, 59-54, at the Palumbo Center. For Dukes fans, it was a nice palate-cleanser after the Dukes' disappointing 68-39 loss at No. 6 West Virginia on Wednesday.

Guard Karon Abraham led the 3-5 Colonials with 18 points, while B.J. Monteiro paced the Dukes with 17. [Trib]

Pitt dumps Kent State: The Golden Flashes could've used alum Antonio Gates this weekend at the Pete, where the 7-2 Panthers walked away with a 71-59 win. Brad Wanamaker led the Panthers with 18 points, while Nasir Robinson chipped in with 12. Pitt resumes play on Saturday against 3-6 Mount St. Mary's. [ESPN]

Deals, deals, deals: If you're a Pitt Panther football fan and have some time to kill after Christmas, there are deals a-plenty being packaged for the Meineke Car Care Bowl. Paul Zeise gives an update on those and also fills us in on some early 2010 position battles for the Panthers. [Pitt Redshirt Diaries]

Colbert on the move
? If Bill Cowher follows through on the long-running rumor to pluck Omar Khan and Kevin Colbert from the Steelers' front office, that might be a scenario the team should prepare for. Of course, said plucking would first require Cowher to return to coaching in 2010, a scenario that looks more and more likely with each passing day. [PFT]

Coach Mario: Some of you might not realize that Mario Lemieux has been coaching hockey for a few years, but oh yes, it's true. Super Mario is at the helm of son Austin's team, and a better mentor they could not wish for. Just think, we might be a few years away from a Malkin-Crosby-Lemieux power play. []

This makes me feel better (a little): Contrary to what I've previously heard, Pitt actually did not lose "millions" of dollars by dropping the Big East Championship against Cincinnati. In fact, the Bearcats will receive less than $2.2 million and Pitt slightly more than $1 million for their respective bowl trips, plus an eight-way cut of the conference share. This is a really informative article that sheds some light on an aspect of sports finance that clearly has been grossly misrepresented in the past. [Trib]

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P.O. said...

now the Pirates can take the savings from Capps' salary and reinvest in their "Latin American Academy". Isn't that where all of their profits go?? Wait, what? The "Latin American Academy" is about as real as the shell companies in "Boiler Room"?? GIT AHTA TAHN!!!

BurressWithButterflywings said...

The Pirates only made $5.5 million a year each of the past 2 seasons and didn't pay one dividend.

HOWEVER, they make no mention of non-dividend distributions, owner salaries, bonuses,fringe benefits, etc.

The Mad Bubbler said...

The Succos CLAIMED they only made $11 million, but of course their books are closed. Based on their shady past, their statement has less credibility than if a homeless bum told me he had $40 million in the bank.

Here's a question for the Pirates, your payroll was only $30 some million at the end of last season, but 2 weeks ago MLB handed you a check for $80 MILLION, so where's the $50 milion at? It still makes me so mad that this "franchise" scammed the city for a free ballpark.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

they have the best management team in all of sports.

After all, left handed relief is overrated.

strugglingwriter said...

Good move. It's not like a 100 loss team needs a closer anyway. Just give the ball to the guy who is most rested, in the unlikely event the team is actually in the lead in the 9th inning.

Adam said...

Did anyone stop to consider that maybe the Pirates didn't want to pay him because he stinks?

I mean my God, anyone who watched him knows his change up and fast ball were basically the same pitch last year.

Maybe he gets better, maybe he doesn't, but you don't risk being forced to settle with a reliever for 4 million if you have even a shadow of a doubt that he can get it back.

P.S. I hope the trade Doumit's pouting ass too. But you people would probably have a cow over that, too.

SantoGold said...

Couldn't agree more Adam. Capps had arm problems in 2008 and sucked in 2009. No one wanted to trade for him at the trade deadline last season, which shows how highly regarded he is. For that he deserves a 7 figure raise? Best case scenario is that the Pirates rise from the dead 2-3 years from now and Capps wouldn't be around by then anyways. Dumping him gives someone else a chance to develop as a closer over the next year or two.

Similar with Doumit. Tony Sanchez is the future, Doumit is the caretaker until then. If he keeps his mouth shut, keep him around; otherwise, any old journeyman catcher will do. It took Doumit 6 seasons in the minors before he could even break into the Buccos lineup. What does that tell you? He's injury plagues as well.

Steve said...

Tony Sanchez is the future? Oh, you mean until he proves he's good enough and that means needs paid enough, which means he's gone. That future?

The only future for this team is in 2030 when they threaten leaving after 37 losing seasons because only a new ball park will help them stay profitable enough to keep them competitive.

The Taxidermist said...

If you people actually watched the Pirates last year (I did, as depressing as that is), Matt Capps absolutely sucked. He obviously wasn't the answer. What is the answer? I don't know but does it really matter? Does anybody actually think that the closer is the missing link the Pirates need to actually break .500? They need a lot more than that and frankly Capps was just wasted salary. If they are serious about finally competing, I believe that in the next offseason they will hit free agency for someone decent. As much as people like to dog on the Pirates, they are finally rebuilding they way that they NEED to rebuild. Will they stick with it, or will they go and trade their prospects away once they get good? I don't know. I'll still watch them anyway.