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Hines will give it a go: #86 is going to attempt to play against the Browns in the bitter Cleveland cold. That's always good for a sore hamstring. But I'd still take Hines at 10% over Limas Sweed at 1,000%.

Also inactive for the Black and Gold on Thursday: third QB Charlie Batch, CB Keenan Lewis, RB Carey Davis, S Troy Polamalu, G Kraig Urbik, OT Tony Hills, DT Ra'Shon Harris and DE Nick Eason. [PFT]

Pirates dive into Rule 5: Meet your newest Pirate project, soon-to-be 26-year-old John Raynor, last of the Florida Marlins organization. The speedy outfielder batted .257 for Class AAA New Orleans last season, with six HR, 24 doubles, two triples, 36 RBI and 19 SB.

Baseball America named Raynor the fastest baserunner in the Class AA Southern League in 2008. The Pirates must pay Florida $50,000 for his rights, and if he does not stay on the major league roster all year, he will be available to the Marlins for $25,000. [PBC Blog]

One controversial banner: When the ACLU has to get involved so a Steelers Country banner can stay up, it just might be a sign of the apocalypse. [PG]

Jason Bay headed back to the NL? J-Bay is being hotly pursued by the New York Mets, who have reportedly offered him a four-year deal worth $65 million. The Red Sox, Angels, and Mariners have also been mentioned as possible homes for Bay in 2010 and beyond. A return to the Pirates is not on the agenda. [SI]

Brian Kelly to ND: In three seasons at Cincinnati, Brian Kelly went 34-6 and won two conference championships, so it goes without saying that others in the Big East have no problem with him taking the vacant Notre Dame job. He'll inherit a team that's gone 16-21 the past three seasons, and to top it off, they're losing Jimmy Clausen and Golden Tate to the NFL. At least their fans have proven that they're patient and rational. [WPXI]

Looking back at a decade of baseball: SI is continuing their "best/worst of the decade" series, and now it's baseball's turn. Somehow, the Pirates avoid the "Worst Franchise" tag, which went to Kansas City. But we did lay claim to the best New Stadium (PNC Park) and a former Pirate who takes home the Biggest Villain title, Barry Lamar Bonds. [SI]

A Burgh accent gets national exposure: Mt. Lebanon grad Gillian Jacobs is on the NBC show Community, and she discusses her Pittsburgh roots (and Bret Michaels' accent) at the 6:30 mark of this recent clip from The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson:

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1 comment:

Adam said...

I'll have no problem hating Brian Kelly.

The way he stood on his pulpit after the Pitt game and told the writers, the fans, everyone what idiots they were for tying him to the Notre Dame job, and then proceeded to take the job 5 days later highlights exactly why he's perfect for South Bend. He thinks he's smarter than everyone, just like Chuckles, and I can't wait to watch him fail.