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King Crosby is having a pretty good year. On the same day that he carried the Olympic torch in his native Canada, he was nominated for Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.

Given the Penguins' recent luck, I was fully prepared to hear that Sid dropped the torch, burning his lower body and keeping him out of the lineup 2-3 weeks. But there was no such news to report, making this event even more special.

WPXI went with the "saturation coverage" angle, sending Gordon Loesch to Nova Scotia and even visiting Sid's elementary school [video]. It was a big event, and all just a day before an appointment tonight with the Ottawa Senators. Although for some reason, I don't expect to hear the "unnecessary distraction" talk like we did when another group of athletes in town traveled out-of-town on their day off.

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jmarinara said...

Were they burning torches or some sort of futuristic video game system?

Seriously, look at those things.

I hate the Olympics.

Rege said...

Sid is holding a giant splif, damn