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There's a rather large Big 10 game coming up on Saturday between Penn State and Ohio State, and to commemorate the occasion, these Terrelle Pryor-themed t-shirts are circulating around Happy Valley.

The shirt's theme was a result of the game last season in Columbus, when King Pryor fumbled late in a 13-6 Penn State win. A nickname was born, and with nicknames come t-shirts.

The Penn State tide has definitely turned against Pryor. Just a short while ago, their coaches were hand writing page after page of recruiting letters to Pryor, and now he's the subject of t-shirts where he's comforted by a scarved Nittany Lion. You've gotta love college football.

Update from the Daily Collegian
, for those of you interested in buying one of the $10 shirts:

"So far, the shirts have only been distributed internally through PSMA members. But because of their success so far, a public shirt sale will take place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday in 310 HUB-Robeson Center. The club has ordered 200 shirts to be sold in sizes small through extra large."

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Unknown said...

i think it's karma, if he had just made a decision on a school like every other high school football player does or did not have press conferences to announce he still hasn't made up his mind....well, he might not be in the mess he's in.

HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Why do i picture the lion having a DVE Steely McBeam voice in that sketch?

Also, did i miss terrelle crying after last year's game? As funny as it is to call someone a crybaby, shouldn't there be at least SOME basis for it?

@Corey - I agree, terrelle was all about making as much of a show of it as possible when he was 'deciding' on a school. I'm sure he'll be a great quarterback someday with that kind of team attitude! Haha, good luck with that Buckeyes.

Adam said...

I said it when he signed with OSU:
It was more important that he didn't go to Michigan than that he went to Penn State.

Last 4 years in the series:
2005: PSU 17-10 Troy Smith
2006: OSU 28-6 (2 tOSU TDs off Morelli interceptions)Troy Smith
2007: OSU 37-17 Todd Boeckman
2008: PSU 13-6 Pryor

Which of these things is not like the other?

2007, when OSU didn't employ a dual-threat attack. in the other 3 games, the OSU offense put up a whopping 10 points per game.

Pryor isn't in the right offense to beat Penn State, so he doesn't scare me one bit. I seriously fear Bill Stull more.

Go State. Beat the Bucknuts.

BURGH08 said...

Sure you said it.

Adam said...

I never said it wouldn't have been nice to have him, but if he wasn't going to come here, it was good for him to go to OSU because he wouldn't pose nearly the threat he would have in the hands of a coach who knew how to use him (RichRod). Anyone can look at the numbers and come to that conclusion.