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It's time for the randomly-scheduled feature where YOU are the star, "Treats From the Inbox". For this edition, we have an eclectic mix of randomness, with 100% more leftover Halloween pictures. As usual, you've once again managed to send in some inspired stuff. Don't forget, you can click on each photo for a larger view. To the pics...

"While searching for a halloween costume I came along this mini Mondesi bobblehead. Easily the best $2 I've ever spent!" -- Greg T.

"I recently got married, I walked out to the Polka for the start of the reception, which was fantastic since my wife's family is from Philly! Plus I live in Jersey so all my friends are Giants fans. Anyway, we went to Fiji for our honeymoon and I took a pic with me and the towel during the Steeler-Viking game. I could not find a TV anywhere that had the game on, so I was reduced to updating my blackberry every 30 seconds. I know you put some pics up from time to time of different places the towel is so I thought I would pass it along." -- Patrick D.

"Saw your post with the pumpkin pictures... this is probably a day late, but my buddy John made this pumpkin as a tribute to the 7-1 start." -- Anonymous

"My wife and I married the day after the Pens won the Cup, and you even posted some pictures of our hockey themed wedding on your site. Well, tonight we were carving our pumpkin, and she said we should do something to help us remember the wedding. I think I did okay."
-- Joe B.

"I work in screenprinting and had a guy come in today to pick up these shirts. He said he's selling them for $18 a pop (I think, maybe $20 or $15). I figured some of the readers might like it. His email is" -- Joe D.

"Thought this was a cool picture – I took it before the Blues game, from the parking lot above the arena. The win brought my record in the Igloo to 8-1." -- Lauren B.

"Here's a picture I took of my brother and his wife on top of the Currituck Lighthouse in Corolla, N.C." -- Jeff A., Johnstown, PA

"I noticed a picture on the site of this guy at the Phish Show at Alpine Valley with the Cup. A bunch of my buddies from the Burgh were at that show and got some great pics with him. So many Pens jerseys at the shows, hilarious." -- Dan T.

"Me and Big Snack at Game 6 against the Rangers in ’08... I got ejected in the second period with the Pens up 2-0 for “smacking the glass”! Basically I got thrown out for cheering too loud for the section that I was sitting in. I was super crushed from Jager Bombs at Milano’s before the game. Milano’s is a pretty cool place to kick it before a game. I will be down there Saturday. One Love!" -- Pat G.

"I spotted this one while I was behind it at a stop light on my way home from the store. Notice the Steelers window decal, too, on the bottom right of back windshield." - Alan, Hilton Head Island, SC

"Saw your post of the other guy dressed up as "Inmate Jeff Reed", and I had no choice but to send in these pictures. They're of my husband and me dressed up as Skippy and a busted Sheetz paper towel dispenser, respectively. My husband and I entered a costume contest at a local bar and it was totally bogus - a doll and a bunny won. However, we were the people's champion...but it is a bummer because the prize was tickets to the Steelers vs. Bengals game. Oh we go!! P.S. We were actually at the Castle Pub in Ebensburg that night with him before he got arrested, which makes the whole thing even funnier." -- Chrissy S. , Johnstown

"We visited Greece last week and took this picture. It is the home of the ancient Olympic Games." -- Nicholas G.

"Cleveland Browns fans don't need to worry. Their owner is only seeking out the opinions of "Top men." Who? "Top Men!" -- Joe in Ohio


If you'd like to join in the fun for the next episode, here's what we're looking for:

-Personal photos and/or stories with Pittsburgh celebrities and athletes
-Terrible Towel shots from unusual locales
-Pittsburgh-centric license plates
-Pictures of Steeler/Pirate/Penguin jerseys in random places
-Well-written or thought-provoking emails
-Personal Burgh-sports stories
-Amusing Western PA-related links

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SmokeyMaverick said...

The Wannstache pumpkin's detail is AWESOME. And I believe it was done by one Johnny Sal.... tough guy, that Johnny Sal... unless of course Pitt defeats Duke at the Garden...

Brian said...

Haha you know it Mav. He certainly used his finesse more than his salmonella muscles on that thing.

Unknown said...

agreed...the wannstache pumpkin might be the best carving i've seen...

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the Reed-Sheetz towel dispenser duo...

the nigerian nightmare said...

Maybe being "super crushed from Jager Bombs" had something to do with Pat G. getting ejected from the game and not "cheering too loud for the section he was sitting in." Just a thought.