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--Mean Joe Greene will be at Heinz Field on Sunday to accept his Clio award for creative excellence in advertising. And yes, it's a little late.

Greene won the award in 1979 but wasn’t available to accept the award at the time, and never received the hardware over the past 30 years. Coca-Cola recently secured the trophy and is presenting it to Greene in the special pre-game ceremony with Tommy Okon, the boy in the commercial who famously offered Joe his Coke. As part of the event, Greene and Okon will reunite for the first time in years.

--Podcast fans, take note: the Dave Dameshek podcast is moving to So best of luck to Dave in this new venture from the entire staff of Mondesi's House. Which would be me. [Dave Dameshek Twitter]

--It's Dock Ellis' LSD his own words, and in animated form. Worth your clickage. [Sports Pickle]

--For some reason, the Steelers felt the need to acknowledge the Ochocinco Twitter mustard nonsense. And for some other reason, I'm writing about the Steelers acknowledging Ochocinco. [WPXI]

--Pitt officially opens the hoops season Friday against Wofford, and Jamie Dixon starts an entirely new group of five: Gary McGhee at center, Nasir Robinson at power forward, Brad Wanamaker at small forward, Travon Woodall at the point and Ashton Gibbs at shooting guard. [PG]

--Anyone want to meet Ray Lewis in Baltimore after the Steeler game? I think I'll pass, thanks. [Ray Lewis Twitter]

--Mark Madden agrees - the Steelers do not need Larry Johnson. And so far, neither does anyone else. [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--Saturday's Pitt-Notre Dame game might be the last nail in Charlie Weis' coaching coffin, so here's a look at who might be next to step into the revolving door that is the Notre Dame head coach position. May I be the first to suggest a certain Mr. Lou Holtz? [The Herd's Word]

--That performance by Steeler Nation in Denver was so spectacular that D.C. was talking about it. [D.C. Sports Bog]

--Wondering what the Pens' depth chart looks like these days? Something like this. [Elvis Has Left]

--Here's a great gallery of Steeler fan photos from the Monday nighter. They get extra points for including a shot of the Bubster jersey. [Steezbros]

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BURGH08 said...

Any word why Dameshek left ESPN. Was he canned?

Glad there is another avenue for him.