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It's hard to believe that the player shown above taunting a grounded opponent is considered 'dirty' by some of his peers, but that's exactly what a recent SI player poll revealed.

296 NFL players were asked "Who is the dirtiest player in the league?" this summer, and Hines Ward ran away with the title, getting 11.6% of the vote. So congratulations to #86 for bringing another title home to the Steel City.

Albert Haynesworth, the freshly-minted Washington Redskin who once stomped on the helmet-less head of Dallas' Andre Gurode, was the runner-up, with 6% of the vote. Also getting 6% of the vote was former Pittsburgh Steeler Joey Porter, who's never seen a pregame situation that he didn't feel like getting involved in.

The top five also included Cincinnati safety Roy Williams (the man who made the horsecollar tackle famous) and Titans center Kevin Mawae, who's been a native of dirty player lists for years.

Ward, Porter, Haynesworth called NFL's dirtiest [PFT]

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HomeRunFromBehindTheMeatballs said...

Nice picture for this article. I always just thought that Hines went hard every play & sometime you catch someone off guard. He makes his share of contact face to face, right? But who am i to argue with the people who actually line up against him all year?

It saddens me a little that our beloved Hines is such a sadist. But, hey, as long as he's doing what makes him happy & no one get hurt... oh, wait.

Unknown said...

I think the media recycles this story annually.