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Willie Parker ran for 261 yards in two games against the Chargers last season, including 146 in their playoff meeting. For Sunday's meeting, the Chargers will be without mammoth lineman Jamal Williams, and LB Shawne Merriman is nursing a non-Tila Tequila-related groin injury. It's the perfect storm for a bounce-back week from the running game. So naturally, it looks like Parker won't be playing on Sunday night.

In his stead will be either Mewelde Moore or Rashard Mendenhall, who was punished for not knowing the playbook last week. And why would he? It's only his job. Of course, less realistic Steeler fans are clamoring for Isaac "He Couldn't Be Any Worse" Redman to get recalled from the practice squad, and Mike Logan just brought up the name "Stefan Logan" at 2 PM on his ESPN radio show. On those, I say a resounding "no" and "no". I'm next waiting for someone to suggest picking up the phone and bringing back Gary Russell, Dump Davenport, or Duce Staley.

The numbers support Moore, who ran for 260 yards and five touchdowns in four starts last season, to get the increased role. And I'm guessing he knows the plays, too. But I am not Mike Tomlin; I can barely coach a team in Madden '10. But it's critical, for a variety of reasons, that he makes the right call on Sunday night. As I've said several times this week, I don't want to imagine a Pittsburgh where the Steelers are 1-3 and half the offense is headed off to host WWE Raw the next night.

Willie Parker not likely to play against San Diego Sunday night [Trib]

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Steve said...

I feel Mewelde Moore is our best option at RB anyway, so I'm not concerned about the running game from the perspective of who's playing, but rather who's executing.

If Lambert had to call it quits because of Turf Toe, then it's only a matter of time before Parker is up on blocks on the sideline.