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--The Penguins' first game sans Geno Malkin comes tonight at Columbus, and they'll also be without the injured Tyler Kennedy. All of a sudden, when you consider the missing Max Talbot and Sergei Gonchar, this is a team that's been chomped by the injury bug. Time for Jordan Staal to raise his game a notch. [PG]

--This is the greatest Limas Sweed auction ever. Period. An excerpt from the eBay listing:
In 2008, in an attempt to NOT be like every yinzer with a Ward or Roethlisberger jersey, I went with 2nd round pick, wide receiver Limas Sweed. Whoops

In his NFL career, Limas has 7 catches for 69 yards and no less than 3 dropped touchdowns. He has astigmatism and finished 4th in the 100m hurdles at a UIL State track meet as a senior in high school.

I endured a lot of grief from co-workers, friends, family, and bartenders while wearing this jersey, and it has made me a stronger person. I have become so resilient, that it is time to pass on the opportunity to someone else. So if you are interested in boosting your ability to take criticism, by all means, bid away.

The winner of this auction receives:

- An authentic black #14 Sweed jersey, size 52 (pictured). Stitched name and numbers bearing all appropriate logos.
- One (1) paper bag (no eye holes) to shield your face when wearing the jersey in public
- One (1) seam ripper (should you decide to tear the name off of the jersey -- or just the "S")
- A piece of paper with the correct spelling of Neil O'Donnell's last name
- Ownership of the "I Own a Limas Sweed Jersey" Facebook group, currently with 7 members (Limas is no longer a member of this group, presumably because he no longer has a jersey).
- A significant portion of my dignity
--Here's an awesome recap of all the Steeler gear currently on display in the Football Hall of Fame [Blog & Gold]

--The Dawg Pound is planning a protest on November 16. Take it from a town that tried this with their equally-inept baseball franchise: it doesn't work. [ESPN]

--The newest collectible: Jeff Reed signed towel dispensers. [The Pittsburgh Channel]

--Gene Collier jumps in on the Pitt-Penn State bowl discussion and says it's a pipe dream. Of course, he also said the Penguins' season was over in February last season, so his word isn't always absolute.[PG]

--Through his first two regular-season NBA games, Dejuan Blair is averaging 10 points and 7.5 rebounds per 17.5 minutes per game. [ESPN]

--The resurrected Avella HS football program gets a lengthy writeup in the NY Times. Of course, one of their wins was over my alma mater, Geibel, which is probably why I was sent the article in the first place - to rub it in. [NY Times]

--Mark Madden checks in on the story that Bill Stull's parents can't watch him play at Heinz Field because of the boo birds and gives the QB (and his family) a memo. [WXDX/Mark Madden]

--Here's the official Jeff Reed decision making flow chart, from the awesomely named blog "Free Tank Carter".

--Iron City is rolling out a new website to "certify" bars around the country that carry their products and display Pittsburgh colors, and here are the details. [PB&G]

--Here are the official pictures from the Pirates' Halloween party. Well, not official. But this is probably what they'd look like. [Rum Bunter]

--Who are the five players most responsible for Pitt's success this season? This link answers that question. [The Unsportsmanlikes]

--And in honor of Halloween, here's a list of the best horror movies of all time. Not including the Pittsburgh Pirates' 2009 highlight video. []

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Steve said...

Hmmm, I'll trade that guy a cheap Kendrell Bell jersey for his Sweed jersey and $20.

Unknown said...

that skippy reed flow chart is hilarious and accurate...

Unknown said...

I love the way Alex Goligoski is stepping up in the absence of some of these other guys. His goal last night was phenomenal.

Unknown said...

If he keeps it up, DeJuan might get to the championship that Pitt fell short of reaching during his two years.

Playing for a real contender should make up for not getting selected in the 1st round.