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--Let's get this straight: Perry Hill still wants to coach. Just not for the Pirates. [PBC Blog]

--Everyone has an opinion on Terrelle Pryor's problems, including former HS coach Ray Reitz and Cleveland Cav Lebron James. If things don't change, could a trade be in the works? []

--Pitt has the chance to be a surprise in the Big East this season, because the preseason poll puts them ninth in the league. [PG]

--Mario Lemieux checks in at #16 and Ben Roethlisberger #35 on a list of the top 150 athlete-golfers. I'm sure there's a joke in here somewhere about rankings and Roethlisberger and me complaining about them. [Golf Digest]

--Jeff Reed is a hot story among blogs, and today's latest is Three Tips for Improving Reed's Quality of Life. [WQED/Pulling no Punches]

--Big news: two Giant Eagles in the area are going to be selling beer. Remember, drink responsibly, don't urinate near SUVs, and don't put up your dukes to the cops. [WPXI]

--Here's video of a devoted kid who spends his free time re-creating 2009 Pirate batting stances. [Pirates Property]

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Chip said...

I saw Terrell play both football and basketball in high school and, personally, I always thought he made the wrong choice. He was an awesome football player but I never thought much of his mechanics or passing skills, it looked like he got by purely on his speed. In basketball, I thought he had size, athleticism, and showed actual skill. He looked like the best basketball prospect I've seen around here since Danny Fortson.

Maybe Pryor can pull a reverse Greg Paulus and transfer to Pitt to play under Dixon.