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If you're a germophobe, you'll probably be skipping tonight's Cleveland-Dallas exhibition game at the Pete, which features a swine-flu-infected Lebron James, Steeler fan Shaquille O'Neal, and attention fan Mark Cuban, among others. In addition to appearing at tonight's game, Cuban will also be speaking at Pitt at 3:30 today; maybe someone will bring up the topic of his recent Twitter war with Peter King, which delighted many.

As for tonight's game, it's the next-to-last tuneup in the preseason for the Cavs, who wrap things up tomorrow night against Boston at Columbus, Ohio's Schottenstein Center. 3-3 Cleveland just lost to the 4-1 Mavs on Saturday night, while resting James, O'Neal, and Mo Williams. Which means tonight's games qualifies as a preseason grudge match, if such a thing exists (this just in: it doesn't). Nonetheless, I'm sure there will be a playoff-like atmosphere in the air.

James, who took a whole two days to recover from the epidemic that is sweeping the nation, played 19 minutes against Dejuan Blair and San Antonio on Friday night, scoring 22 points. It sounds to me like he read the tremendous article on the myth of swine flu from Maddox and has no fear for it. Maybe he's just the man to sneeze in Maddox's face. Or he can sneeze in your face if you get the right seat. Tipoff is at 7:30.

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