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This one totally flew under my radar in the last 24 hours: didn't see it, didn't hear about, didn't read about it. But it is quite the nugget. From the Trib:
As the final gun went off, Steelers linebacker James Farrior made a beeline for San Diego star receiver Vincent Jackson, who was walking off the field in the direction of the locker room.

When Jackson finally heard Farrior directing comments in his direction, he turned around and met the Steelers' linebacker near midfield.

The two continued to jaw before Farrior finally shoved his hand in Jackson's face-mask.

The two then had to be restrained by teammates and some members of each coaching staff.
And here's the best line:
When asked if something occurred during the game that sparked the confrontation, Farrior replied: "No, we just don't like each other."
Farrior is a known master of the smack arts, so it's not surprising to hear that he had an opinion he wanted to share with V-Jack. As far as the hand in the facemask, that's surprising from #51. But I like it. It fits with this week's Steeler theme. We've got guys bonding in a wrestling ring in Wilkes-Barre, we've got guys jawing and mixing it up after the short, the Steelers have a beating pulse. I wish we were playing the Ravens on Sunday.

Steelers' Farrior, Chargers' Jackson mix it up [Trib]

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