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10 AT 10 WITH 7

Ben Roethlisberger continued his assault on prime-time television last night with an appearance on Jay Leno's "10 at 10" segment, and before anyone jumps off the deep end, there was no travel involved. #7 conducted the interview from the friendly confines of Casa de Roethlisberger, he did not fly to Burbank.

What did we learn from the appearance? Without ruining the entire bit, Ben doesn't want to order anything with his credit card, he's interested in getting a Shamwow!, and he cries when watching Rudy. Hopefully the Browns won't use this as part of their trash talking on Sunday.

Last night marked the second appearance of a Steeler QB on the Leno show in less than a week. Terry Bradshaw was picking NFL games against a chicken on Friday night, and as you could guess, the chicken won. Bradshaw was 0-for-3, taking the Ravens, 49ers, and Patriots as his winners. Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves.

You can watch the entire Roethlisberger segment here and the Bradshaw/chicken pick-off here.
And some Steeler news that broke while I was writing this post: Aaron Smith was just sent to IR, and Ra'Shon Harris was signed from the practice squad. Bob Smizik says it's not a fatal loss, citing the season-ending of Casey Hampton in the Steelers' 15-1 season of 2004. Of course, he goes on to refer to Nick Eason as Tony Eason later in his story, so that costs him a few points. And while I would agree that it's not a fatal loss, it's not going to make life any easier for a defense that's struggled at times in 2009. I just hope for the team's sake that Ziggy Hood is a quick study.

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Will said...

Smizik's blog is all kinds of idiotic.

The Steelers got lucky in 2004 in that Chris Hoke is extremely underrated as a backup NT. There is no similar kind of player waiting in the wings behind Smith, and this was proven quite pointedly in 2007.

Furthermore, his notion that Hood not being ready to step in five games into his rookie season is somehow troubling is kind of ridiculous. How long did it take Lamar Woodley and Lawrence Timmons to break into the starting XI? Hell, Polamalu Christ himself was a mess his rookie year.

Obviously all is not lost, I don't think anyone rational is declaring the season over at this point. But outside of Polamalu and Roethlisberger, Smith just may be the player it hurts most to lose. We'll just have to wait and see.

Unknown said...

Mondesi I'm charging you a few points for inferring we signed Harris from OUR practice squad. We were actually lucky enough to nab him from the Panthers.