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As if you weren't already intimidated by the Chicago Bears and their four-interception-throwing franchise savior, news out of the Windy City just went from bad to worse: LB/groper Brian Urlacher will likely miss the rest of the season, as he needs surgery on his right wrist. Gulp.

Why is this relevant? Because the Steelers' opponent next week just happens to be the Bears, who will be trying to save a season spiraling out of control after only one game. To rub salt into the wound that Bears fans are nursing, Kyle Orton was the winning QB in Denver's miracle win over Cincinnati yesterday (which is being called "The Immaculate Deflection", by the way). When it rains, it pours, I suppose.

By the way, there's no truth to the rumor that this was Jay Cutler's reaction to the news:

He's a flatliner, that Cutler. You just can't rattle him. He's like a more expensive, more ballyhooed version of Jake Delhomme.

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JW said...

Who is the other guy in the picture, Rashaan Salaam?

Ryan said...

Why are you looking at the guy?

I'm curious to know what size those soccer balls are?