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That title sounds like the punchline to a Johnny Carson joke, but there's actually some context for the grouping. During Sunday's Lions-Saints game, announcer Chris Myers had this to say about former Steeler Larry Foote: Going from two Super Bowls in Pittsburgh to the winless Detroit team -- that's like going from dating Beyonce to Whoopi Goldberg." Ouch.

By the way, in this game Drew Brees threw six TDs in a win over a team that hasn't won since Week 16 of 2007, so be fully prepared for proclamations of his greatness throughout the week. Remember: Big Ben = bad, Drew Brees = good.

NFL Announcer Rips Whoopi Goldberg [TMZ]

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Unknown said...

I'm going to keep writing this every time you bring it up. Drew Brees is a really good quarterback. I know this because I have had him on my fantasy team for the last 3 years, and with the Sunday Ticket, I tend to watch a lot of his games. He's accurate with all of the throws.

I'm all for homer chest-pounding, but to imply that Brees is not good is simply inane.

For years, pundits have been ranking Manning and Brady as quarterbacks 1a/1b. Perhaps something similar should happen for Ben and Brees.

They are different quarterbacks, to be sure, but what they do for their teams is similar - they put them in the best possible position to win the game.