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The Publicity Hound That Demands to be Heard (also known as Snoop Dogg) just unleashed this video featuring two guest stars: Super Bowl Champions Lamarr Woodley and Santonio "Mike Vick Fan Club Member" Holmes. Try to contain your excitement; I've managed to.

Curiously, some faction of Steeler fans seem to be fascinated, nee proud, of the seemingly constant interactions between Snoop and their black-and-gold-wearing heroes. It's not something I've quite grasped, but I'm here to please. Enjoy your Steelers and their rapping canine friend.

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Admin said...

Snoop is a fucking front runner.
Lendal White posted a picture pregame with snoop eating together on twitter. wait, i lied it was chris johnson but it had lendel white in it with snoop