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I assume athletes are trying one-by-one to eliminate sports reporters, because Lawrence Timmons just broke the news that he's playing on Sunday. Said Timmons on his blog:
I didn’t get to play in last week’s game against the Titans because of my ankle injury but the rehab is going great and the ankle feels real good right now. I will definitely be playing in this week’s game against the Bears in Chicago.

I practiced this week on Wednesday and Thursday and the ankle feels just fine. I’m taking it one day at a time and will be back to 100% real soon. Right now it is feeling really good and I’ll be ready for the Bears this Sunday at Soldier Field.
Personally, I don't care who the messenger is as long as the message is that Lawrence Timmons is playing. It's not as if Keyaron Fox embarrassed himself or the team last week as a replacement, leading the team with 10 tackles. But if you can have a Lawrence Timmons in your lineup, you take it.

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Steve said...

I just hope he's not trying to be a tough guy about it which could make the injury even worse and he winds up being either ineffective, or out for many weeks. I've never heard of anything good happening from a player in any sport coming back too early from a high ankle sprain and I've never heard of one healing that quickly.

I wonder if Kendrell Bell and Sidney Crosby read his blog.