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Just a few months ago, Steeler fans were having a "lovefest" with freshly-drafted RB Frank "The Tank" Summers. My comment on the above video at that time was, "My goodness. I can hear all of Steeler Nation wetting their pants after watching that clip. At the pace he's gained fans since being selected in the draft, there might be a statue of this guy outside Heinz Field by the start of training camp."

Since then, the unthinkable has happened. The Tank has been banged up in combat, has missed ample practice time, and therefore is fighting for a job on the 53-man-roster of the defending champs. To complicate things for Summers, undrafted rookie Isaac Redman has emerged as a goal-line threat, and CFL import Stefan Logan is getting articles written about his play in the return game. It's become a difficult numbers game for him to win.

The above ingredients combine to make tonight's final Steeler tune-up against Carolina into compelling television. As Mike Tomlin pointed out, LBs Patrick Bailey and Donovan Woods solidified their respective roster spots with their play in last year's final preseason contest. The same could be said for any number of Steelers tonight.

The Steelers' 2009 "bubble" looks like it takes in Redman, Summers, Bailey, Woods, and a host of others, including WRs Shaun McDonald and Brandon Williams, S Ryan Mundy, CB Keiwan Ratliff, OLs Jeremy Parquet and Jason Capizzi, and LBs Bruce Davis and Arnold Harrison. There's even been rumors of Casey Hampton facing the turk, although I think that's ridiculous. At this point, I'm assuming that Logan has played his way on the team and off of the bubble.

Regardless of who makes the squad, this is as loaded of a 53-man-roster as the Steelers have ever had. There's quality, depth, and quality depth. As we've all become aware of, this team will have a different look in 2010 due to free agency, so let's just enjoy this group one game at a time while we still can. Coverage starts tonight at 8 PM on KDKA. Jeff Verszyla will be there. Will you?

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