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--There's a Pittsburgh women's roller derby team? How have we not discussed this yet? [Steel City Derby Demons]

--Hines Ward called the Kiss Morning Freak Show and filled us in on the rookie talent show...and the skit that parodied Jeff Reed. How I pray that a video of this surfaces. [Kiss Morning Freak Show]

--Should he be called Big Ben...or "Big Baby"? And no, this article is not about Glen "Big Baby" Davis. [Pulling no Punches]

--Peter King has declared Ryan Clark as the top free agent of 2010. Of course, this is the same Peter King that once ranked Jon Kitna and Vince Young ahead of Ben Roethlisberger in the NFL QB hierarchy and more recently declared Derek Jeter the best ballplayer of his lifetime. And he also cheers wildly for the Red Sox, as the video below will verify. So take that for what it's worth, which, to me, is not much. [, MH, KSK]

--Ranking the Big East QBs: how far does Pitt's three-headed monster fall? Not as far as I thought. [ESPN Big East Blog]

--Coach Disco got a well-deserved day with the Stanley Cup. Not bad considering he started the season coaching in Wilkes-Barre. [Hockey Hall of Fame]

--Santonio Holmes will be hosting a charity bowl-a-thon on September 5 at the FunFest Entertainment Center on Freeport Road in Pittsburgh. Does Jerome Bettis know about this? []

--Take a video tour of the Penguins' new home without leaving your cubicle. Just remember, don't build a video screen too close to the playing surface. This isn't Dallas. [Pens TV Online]

--This is officially the longest and most thorough Cal Vulcans football preview I've ever read. [Pittsburgh Fever]

--Some Westmoreland County ghost hunters are starting to irritate the state police, which is probably not a good idea. [WTAE]

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868710 said...

Can we discuss the Steel City guy too? Ive seen him at Steeler games Penguin games Shaq Vs. Big Ben and now he's at the Steel City Derby Demons bout. Who is the Steel City guy?

Anonymous said...

On the topic of the NFL QB hierarchy, at a fantasy draft the other night, someone picked Carson Palmer in like the 3rd round maybe? While Big Ben didn't go until the 5th or so...when my fiance picked him. I was in charge of putting the player labels on the draft board, so I was aware of every single QB pick that was made before Ben, and I couldn't believe it. I know he isn't historically a top 5 fantasy QB, but come on.

But as soon as Carson Palmer was picked [by some guy that was being teleconferenced in, driving home from the beach - don't draft and drive, kids], Rege and I looked at each other, and both said, Don would have a fit right now if he saw this madness. Carson Palmer...pfft.

Unknown said...

This is why fantasy football, popular as it may be, has ruined the actual on-field game. People get so caught up in fantasy stats that they ignore more important things, like WINNING. Let Palmer and Brees have their "stats." I'll take the guy in black and gold who just keeps on winning.

Crystal said...

That's Pittsburgh Steel Man! He's a great fan and generally comes to all of our games.

The Demons next game is Sept 19th at the Bladerunners in Harmarville.