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--The Steelers addressed the three-year old photos of several players playing G.I. Joe that were for some reason re-circulated this week. All I can say is, "Welcome to the NFL in the internet era".

But I kinda feel sorry for the current Steeler brass. You know, The Chief never had to deal with stuff like this. His players were too busy doing perfectly normal things like lifting weights in the Red Bull Inn basement, shooting at police helicopters, and winning Lombardi Trophies. [96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show, Time, PG]

--"Who's going to sign Michael Vick?" has replaced "Will Brett Favre come back?" as the most annoying storyline in the NFL. Unfortunately, this story would indicate that, contrary to prior reports, the door to the Steelers' locker room has not permanently been closed for Vick. Undaunted, I continue to remain highly skeptical that you will ever see Vick in Steeler garb. [Trib]

--Once again, an NBC Sports column leaves me scratching my head:
Remember 2004 when the Steelers were a good team with journeyman Tommy Maddox at quarterback. Maddox got hurt and rookie Ben Roethlisberger took over?

Then-Steelers guard Alan Faneca was asked if it was exciting to see Roethlisberger get a chance.

“Exciting?” said Faneca. “No, it’s not exciting. Do you want to go work with some little young kid who’s just out of college?"

The Steelers went on to go 15-1 and make the AFC Championship with Roethlisberger. Vindication? Not entirely. In the AFC Championship, Big Ben let it get out of hand early, getting picked three times as the Patriots routed Pittsburgh.

Faneca is now with the Jets and while he hasn’t made any comments resembling what he said in 2004, the fact remains that he felt that way before and — ultimately — was proven right.
Yeah, that crappy rookie quarterback went through the entire regular season undefeated and was only tripped up in the AFC Championship Game against the reigning dynasty of the era. Alan Faneca was right all along - Tommy Maddox would've obviously done better.

--As if the opening of the NFL season wasn't a big enough deal, the Black-Eyed Peas (headed by bladder-challenged sex symbol Fergie) and Tim McGraw will play a free concert at Point State Park prior to the Steeler-Titan game on September 10. [PG]

--Looks like the Cleveland Browns are doing their best to self-destruct before the season begins. Really, would you expect anything less? [Deadspin]

--Meanwhile, the Ravens are focused on solving Big Ben. Going 0-for-3 last year in that category would probably make that a priority. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--King Pryor's blazing 40 time: fake? [Dr. Saturday]

--Pitcher Evan Meek will miss a month or more with a strained oblique muscle. I'd say this would hurt the team, but then again, you can't go lower than last place. [PBC Blog]

--I know I'm days late on this, but here's the Sidney Crosby-as-goaltender story and video that should thoroughly entertain you. [Pittsburgh Penguins]

--Could you imagine what Neal Huntington was like as a child? Well, if you have no imagination, then this link will fit the bill. [Raise the Jolly Roger]

--Is this the year that 2006 mega-recruits Dorin Dickerson and Elijah Fields make an impact for the Pitt Panthers? Let's hope. [Trib]

--Meanwhile, competition for LeSean McCoy's old job looks like it will be intense---and coaches couldn't be happier. [PG]

--Pitt basketball just picked up a transfer, point guard Chase Adams, who scored 14 PPG and shot 39% from three-point land at Centenary last year. [KDKA/PSI]

--There's a new member of the Pirate family, and like more and more of his new teammates, he was once a highly-regarded prospect. Meet Jon Meloan, a righthander late of the Tampa Bay organization. [Pittsburgh Pirates]

--Adam LaRoche hit two homers on Wednesday against the Nationals, as he continues his attempt to make the Pirates and Red Sox regret trading him away. [ESPN]

--And who is at the center of Washington's recent resurgence? Would you believe Nyjer Morgan? [Washington Post]

--DJ Gallo takes an interesting look at the steroid-era Pittsburgh Pirates. They stayed mostly clean, and what is their reward? Ridicule. And losses. Hundreds and hundreds of losses. []

--A new coaster is coming to Kennywood next year, and here is the video. Thanks, but I'll stick to the bumper cars. [Palace Entertainment]
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Rege said...

What if we do sign Vick? My gut has me scared.

Unknown said...

If we do, I think there will be some serious backlash from the Pittsburgh faithful. While there are plenty that would be happy to have Vick on the team, there are also plenty that think the organization is above that and would be upset IMO. The fan reaction could potentially turn into a bigger story than the signing itself.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

If they sign him they will certainly lose me as a fan.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i 100% guarentee you they will not lose you as a fan.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

that is a bold statement from somebody i do not know personally.

maybe i am a bad person, but i just refuse to support a team who hires an ex-millionaire who tortured and murdered dogs in order to try and make even more money.

Every time I have ever applied for a job or signed a contract with a company, there is always that fateful " have you ever been convicted of a felony" box to check..... i wonder what % of people who check that box yes actually get hired there?

Jeff_King_Fan said...

so james harrison slaps around his wife/girlfriend, santonio holmes smokes pot before a big game with the Giants, and our QB, although alleged, is involved in a rape case. but a vick signing will send you running? if they do sign him, you'll be pissed, but if they win you'll twirling the towel.

Dont get me wrong, i dont want vick, and i would be mad if they signed him. but to completely be done with a favorite team, they would have to do something a lot worse then sign a troubled player.

AJ said...

I think everybody is overlooking one very important point here... dogs or no dogs, Michael Vick is very bad quarterback.

However... let this rattle around in your brains. Say Vick gets signed as a backup. Yinzer Nation is outraged.

Then... Big Ben throws three picks in a game and loses to a team like Kansas City. Does that automatically make Michael Vick the most popular guy in town? History tells us that yes... yes it would.

Or... maybe Vick is finally the ONLY backup QB ever to play in Pittsburgh that people don't want to see play.

Sounds like a win/win situation.

okel dokel said...

Moot point...he has signed with the Eagles. I am sure Donovan McNabb is just ecstatic.

Keith Mitchell said...

The Black Eyed Peas and Tim McGraw?

What city is this - Donny Iris and Joe Grushecky and The House Rockers are the only appropriate groups for the September 10th pre-game opening festivities.