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Max Talbot and Kris Letang took the Cup to a club in Montreal. I'm sure nothing was sipped from it at any point in the evening.

--The Pirates lost a 12-inning game by five runs, which is not easy to do. The lack of leadership is becoming an issue. Yep, that's what's been wrong with the Pirates over the past 17 years. No leadership. [PBC Blog]

--Rod Woodson will become the 20th NFL Hall of Famer with Steeler ties. As I always said, In Rod We Trust. [Trib]

--Pitt has released their 2009-10 basketball non-conference schedule. Plan your life accordingly. [KDKA/PSI]

--Troy Polamalu is the cover boy for this month's Pittsburgh Magazine, complete with a lengthy interview where you learn all about Troy's garden. Tomatoes, broccoli, sunflower seeds, oregano, basil, sage, AND peppermint? Where does he find the time? [Pittsburgh Magazine]

--Darnell Stapleton is lost for an undetermined amount of time, as he is having knee surgery this morning. For his rehab, he will tend to Troy Polamalu's garden. [Trib]

--Tim Tebow was left off one ballot for the preseason All-Big East Team. And who did that vote go to? [Sports Pickle]

--Bill Simmons attended the recent National Sports Collector's Convention, an event near and dear to my heart. Be sure to check out his exquisite photo essay, 20 pages deep. Photos like this sure do bring back memories and summarize the experience in a way words can't. []
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Jeff_King_Fan said...

from the very beginning to the very end, was there a better defensive football player that wore a Steelers uniform than rod woodson? take everything into account, including his time with other teams.

Steve said...

Hard to argue his greatness, slthough some might be more fond of players like Jack Ham, Geene or Greenwood and defensive players of that era. But in the post-dynasty era, Woodson clearly gets the nod.

TheBoyzofBurgh said...

woodson the greatest defensive player ever? that's a tough one, but i'm still gonna go with mean joe, who i think is also the greatest steelers player ever.

Anonymous said...

Good look by Tanger sporting the Buccos hat in Canadia

SantoGold said...

Greatest Steeler athlete ever...I can agree with that. But not greatest Steeler defender ever. J. Greene (my personal favorite), Ham, Blount, Lloyd, Lambert are those I would put in front of Rod. For one, I think he would have been better off as a safety and thats not just my opinion, but other experts have remarked on that as well. Woodson's problem was that he gambled too much for being a CB and only his great athletic ability was able to cover for all those gambles gone wrong.

I still think he belongs in the hall of fame, just also think that he was a tad bit overrated, especially in these parts.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I have to come out of retirement for this:

Woodson was the best athlete to play for the Steelers.

But those that Santo mentions were probably better overall defenders. Greg Lloyd makes James Harrison look like Alonzo Jackson. I mean, he wore a shirt that said REAL MEN ARE BLACK...... does it get any better?

Chip said...

Woodson was definitely the best athlete to ever play for the Steelers. I remember when he was young and he'd actually let WRs run past him and then just close on them in seconds. He was uber-fast with the freakiest closing speed I've ever seen.

I vividly remember the play that basically ended his Steeler career, the torn ACL. Barry Sanders juked him out of his jock and the stupid AstroTurf at Three Rivers hooked his spike and tore his knee to hell. He lost a step the next season and put up a stink about moving to Safety so that was that.

Still, I wish he could've stuck around for some of those great Cowher teams. Him and Dan Marino are the only two guys I always regret not seeing win a ring with the Black and Gold.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i cant say woodson was overrated when you look up the numbers he put up. also, as much as i hate it, he was a vital part for a top 3all time defense. and he was versatile. i think he made 3 or 4 pro bowls as a safety.

Adam said...

Hey, you forgot to mention that Pitt was ranked in the "others receiving votes" category in the USA Today poll.

Big ups.

Unknown said...

So Adam: how does it feel knowing that Penn State has been no more or less relevant than Pitt in football for the entire decade? We won't go into basketball. You actually have to have a somewhat competetive program to even be considered "relevant."

Adam said...

-No more or less relevant? Dammit. I could have sworn we won the Big Ten in 2005 and 2008, and the Orange Bowl (BCS game), Outback Bowl, and Alamo Bowl in consecutive seasons between 2005-2007. But that could just be me...brain fart. My bad.

-I'd say 27 wins and an NIT Championship is competitive. Maybe not excellent, but competitive.

-You're more ignorant than most of the people on this site, which is saying quite a bit of your ignorance. Big Ups Son.