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--John Legend visited Steeler training camp, and because of his Legendary status, got to meet Mike Tomlin, Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, and James Harrison. Next up in the Celebrity Fan at Camp Experience: Kentucky hoops coach John Calipari on Thursday. The Steelers better not end up on probation because of this. [Kiss 96.1 Morning Freak Show,]

--The Pirates blew a 2-0 lead en route to a tough 4-3 loss against Arizona on Wednesday night. Garrett Jones hit his 11th home run, while Andy LaRoche added his fifth. But the Buccos only had five hits all night, giving them six hits in the last 18 innings. Just think, only 55 more games to go! [Trib]

--Some guy is selling his Pirate fandom on eBay. The high bid is currently at a very appropriate one cent. [eBay]

--Think things were bad for the Pirates? When Chris Brown is one of your fans, it officially just got worse. [Elvis Has Left]

--Is letting Fast Willie enter his contract year sans extension a form of disrespect? Sure, why not. [Bob Smizik Blog]

--How is 2008's "Best outfield in baseball" (Bay, Nady and McLouth) faring in 2009? [Rum Bunter]

--Here's a revised look at the Pirates' top 10 prospects, post-roster blowup. Sorry locals, no Neil Walker to be found. [Baseball America]

--Could the planets align for the Pirates to get wunderkind Bryce Harper next year? [PB&G]

--Brian "The Beast" Minto, who hails from Butler, will be dueling with Donnell "The Real Touch Of Sleep" Holmes on August 14 at Pullman Park. Minto is 33-2 with 21 KOs, while The Real Touch of Sleep is 31-0 with 27 KOs. When Minto wins, will the '72 Dolphins pop some champagne? [East Side Boxing]

--Troy Polamalu: two sport star? No, he's too busy dominating the NFL. [Trib]

--Longtime NHL player and coach Tony Granato is the new Pens assistant coach, replacing Tom Fitzgerald, who moves to assistant to the GM. Fun fact: did you know Granato's sister was a pretty famous hockey player back in the day? [PG]

--Lastings Milledge's shoes are deemed too bright by MLB's uniform police. So much for an attempt at making the Pirates stylish. [PG]

--Nipsy's Ssshhhh t-shirts are upsetting Flyer fans. That's a shame. []

--JoePa finally got into social networking, and here's a look at his initial foray. Nicely done, Mr. Gallo. []

--Dave Dameshek is counting down the top 20 movie fight scenes of all time (with video). This link takes you through #6-20, with the top five TBA. []

--The Janne Pesonen Experiment is officially over, as he'll be playing in the KHL next season. Gotta go straight to the source on this story. [Pesonen and the Pens]

--Will the Big East soon raid the ACC? You know what they say about payback... [ESPN Big East Blog]

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Adam said...

Whatever. Make all the jokes you want. Joe's telegrams have his recruiting class ranked 8th by at the moment.

Of course, Pitt fans know first hand that a high Rivals ranking is effectively meaningless in terms of actually winning football games, but, I'd say the old man is doing just fine in that arena, thank you very much.

Unknown said...

You can't even handle a joke without being an asshole can you? Can you please go complain on where the story came from that they are being biased towards Pitt instead of doing it here?

BURGH08 said...

The funny thing is, when I saw there was '1 comment' listed, there was no doubt in my who it was from and what it was concerning.

Hook, line, sinker.

Adam said...

ESPN can make jokes because they're USC fans.

Unknown said...

Really I always thought they were Florida fans, or whoever was winning at the time fans. Then again I went to IU and watched their "football team", so am I allowed to make jokes since no one gives a shit about football there? Maybe that's what gets me about all of the Pitt hating from you, they had 9 wins and a bowl bid last year, where I went to school that's basically a National Championship.

Adam said...

Well that was my point. If a field goal attempt in Iowa City goes wide left last year, and Penn State beats the choking dog Sooners instead of Florida, then that stuff would be heresy in Bristol.

But instead we got our asses handed to us in the Rose Bowl, and that kind of thing is funny because the front running suits at the WWL say it is.

As far as Pitt vs. Indiana goes, let's put it in basketball terms. Indiana has historically kicked Penn State's ass, but we've had your number the last couple of years. We're up while you're down.

If I was a Pitt fan, I'd start talking like Penn State is on IU's level because of our peek (The Walt Era in the case of Pitt) coincided with your down period (Penn State's dark years).

I don't hate Pitt. I hate the "If you ain't a Pittsburgh fan, you ain't shit" community that frequents this site and acts like Pitt is any more relevant than teams like South Florida and Connecticut on a national level because Dan Marino and Tony Dorsett went there 30 years ago. I hate people who think that Joe Paterno, who is 24-7-1 against Pitt, is afraid of the Panthers because they won one game going on a decade ago.

At the end of the day, I hate people who don't know their place. We know our place in basketball, you know your place in football. It's time for Pitt fans to figure out that no one cares about their team but the 30,000 of them that show up on Thursday nights in the fall. We just want them to shut up.

Unknown said...

Obviously those who contend Penn State sucks at football are idiots as they are a very solid program, but they are no better than you and Jeff_King_Fan especially in dealing with the Pitt situation. Obviously you don't want to hear your school be put down but if anyone truly believes they suck then they probably don't know football very well. But to act as though Pitt is a complete joke of a program is just as bad as saying "Penn State sucks" and moving on and that is what really gets me.

You know barring a costly INT and fumble by Bill Stull(surprisingly predictable) against Cincinnati in the 4th quarter Pitt could easily have won the Big East. While the conference gets a lot of shit and justifiably so, I watch the Big 10 as well(that IU thing again) and they are not exactly powerful top to bottom.

What I am basically saying is that you are acting just as stupidly as those you wish would shut up and that is what rubs parties like myself the wrong way.

Steve said...

Well said John.

Also, why would someone who obviously only cares about Penn State, spend their time monitoring a Pittsburgh sports related blog so compulsively looking for the slightest mention of them to defend against? Not only that, posting and rambling at all hours, day or night. Do you sleep, or more importantly, do you work?

Is there a life for Adam outside of the internet and Penn State football? I'm starting to think not.

Mondesi's house should include a Joe Pa sucks mention in every story just to get your pavlovian instant reaction. That's almost funnier than anything else.

NickDawg said...

John and Steve, couldnt have said it better...Adam and butt buddy jeff_King go monitor poops states blogs 24/7 since you obviosly have nothing better to do. One last stat for you ladies

Pitt National Championships = 9
Poop States = 2

marinate in that...

okel dokel said...

Classic item on the "best oufield in baseball."

Jeff_King_Fan said...

what the hell did i do? screw you guys, i'm going to listen to my john legend cd

BURGH08 said...

I would assume by the use of the word 'peek' in his post, that Adam works shifts.

Or the huffing of manure is starting to set in.

jtads14 said...

"At the end of the day, I hate people who don't know their place. We know our place in basketball, you know your place in football."

That is actually a funny comment because when Pitt lost in the elite 8 and Penn St won the NIT, I came across multiple Penn St fans on blog sites who thought they had a better season than Pitt because they ended their season with a win. Now that is not knowing your place.

Adam said...

-No one said anything of the sort. Our season was probably more satisfying, but better? No. It was fun cutting down the nets in MSG, winning a nice shiny trophy, and ending our season with a win, but I don't think anyone but the crazys are going to tell you we were better than Pitt. While I think Levance is incredibly overrated, Penn State hasn't had basketball players like Dujuan Blair and Sam Young is a very, very long time, so we can't throw stones. And without that a-hole Fields on the team, now maybe I can stop hating Pitt as passionately as I did this season.

-"Poop State"? Wow. Original.

-I'm a Pirate, Penguin, and Steeler fan, too you know. But like I said, if I'm not a Pitt fan, I guess I'm still "shit" in all your minds.

-A college football team that plays its home games in a half empty pro stadium miles from its campus on weekday nights is ripe to be picked on. Any Pitt fan that can't see that is oblivious.

NickDawg said...

If Pitt was the only show in town and played its games in the middle of nowhere, where there is absolutley nothing else to do, I can gaurantee they could get as many or more then Penn st. Reality is they have 3 pro teams to compete with.

levance Fields has more talent in his pinky than Penn st. has had on their hoop teams in the last decade.

feel free to talk steelers, pens, and bucos all you the penn st. garbage for a penn st blog unless its an unopinionated fact that doesnt diss Pitt, thats all we are saying

Adam said...

-O give me a break. Is that the reason no one goes to Pirate games either? No, the truth is Pittsburgh fans don't support losers. Both Pitt and the Pirates have been mediocre to bad the last 20+ years, and THAT'S the reason no one cares about them, not because there are other options. Heck, the Penguins played in a half empty building until the last couple of years because they sucked, too. Pittsburgh is a front running city, simple as that That's not necessarily a bad thing. Most cities are. But let's not place ourselves on a pedestal and act like we're a great sports town just because we have some great teams right now. Don't blame PSU's attendance on there being nothing to do. If Pitt was good, they'd fill Heinz Field, simple as that.

-Levance Fields would go MIA for entire basketball games, let Blair and Young carry the team on their backs, and show up at the end to hit a key jumper or two to steal all the glory from the guys who deserved it. That's why the other two are in the League now, and Levance is taking comfort from Mercedes Walker.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

"adam & nickdawg"...i smell romantic comedy!

nuthinhere said...

Wait a minute. Dameshek's list has the great Rowdy Roddy Piper vs. Keith David fight at 17?? Thats a travesty dammit!!