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Since there's no byline, I can't decipher which Steeler-hating employee of NBC Sports compiled this joke of a list entitled "Current NFL Stars Likely Headed For the Hall of Fame". But it's quite evident there was an agenda, because out of the 27 players on this list, there is not one Steeler. No Roethlisberger, no Polamalu, no Ward...a complete whiff for the entire organization. Because they need to save room for the REAL future Hall of Famers. Like Drew Brees, who has managed to parlay one career playoff win and a 55-51 regular season record into the myth that he has somehow leapfrogged a certain quarterback who has compiled a 51-20 regular season mark, to go along with two Super Bowl rings and an 8-2 record in the playoffs. And for all the stat nerds who think Brees is so vastly superior to Roethlisberger in that aspect, their 89.4 passer ratings are identical.

Is there an NBC writer out there willing to take credit for this list? Because I'm sure Steeler Nation, as well as myself, would loooooove to hear how one can explain this one. We'll all be patiently waiting by the inbox.

Current NFL Stars Likely Headed For the Hall of Fame [NBC]


As Sam points out in the comments, there is an article that goes along with the slideshow - a fact I was previously unaware of. The author was Dan Pompei, and he addresses a few of the omissions:
We did not consider players who currently are not with teams, such as Marvin Harrison and Derrick Brooks. And we did not consider players who have not been in the league very long, such as Ben Roethlisberger and Adrian Peterson.
The Hall of Fame isn’t very kind to safeties, but three current ones could deserve a look: Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu and Brian Dawkins. If Reed continues to produce big plays for a few more years the way he has previously, his case will be a strong one.
So there's your answer. Five full seasons in the NFL and two titles does not make a strong HOF case yet in this specific writer's eyes. To lump him in with Adrian Peterson, a guy who's played two years in the league and has appeared in one playoff game, seems a bit unfair. I'll have to agree to disagree with Pompei on this assessment. But to put Brees and McNabb ahead of Roethlisberger because of longer careers makes little sense to me. If anything, they have accomplished less in more time. But I digress.

As for Polamalu, his seven-season career has included five Pro Bowl appearances, two first-team All-Pros, and two rings. One would think that would merit inclusion, but apparently Reed and Dawkins are just plain better, because they both made the cut.

Finally, we come to Hines Ward, whose Hall qualifications are already being debated. Some think Ward is not going to make it, but again, I would have to disagree. It may take a few tries, but I think eventually he gets in. His resume, courtesy of Wikipedia:

* 4× Pro Bowl selection (2001, 2002, 2003, 2004)
* 3× All-Pro selection (2002, 2003, 2004)
* 2× Super Bowl Champion (XL, XLIII)
* Super Bowl XL MVP
* 2003 Steelers MVP
* 2× Steelers co-MVP (2002, 2005)
* Steelers Career Records for Receptions, Receiving Yards, & Receiving TDs
*Receptions 800 (22nd all time)
*Receiving Yards 9,780 (34th all time)
*Receiving TDs 72 (28th all time)

In closing, I am well aware that one man's opinion means little in the grand scheme of things. But remember, we're Steeler fans. Being offended at the national media's perception of the Steelers is our obligation, not our choice.

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BlackAndGold said...

Haha, all you can do is laugh I's really embarrassing that Ben gets left off of these lists.

Oh well, we'll gladly keep winning while they ignore, doesn't really matter I guess!

Unknown said...

Dan Pompei wrote the article

expectingrain said...

Its no worse than what SI did to all our players in their rankings this week-- we get no respect, we just win Championships!

SantoGold said...

"I'm Chris Collingsworth, and I approved these rankings"

Steve G. said...

While I wouldn't assume that Big Ben is a shoe-in, it seems silly to not mention him, but include a guy like Drew Brees. If anything, the NFL Hall of Fame over-rewards postseason performance - I think Joe Namath is in it - so Big Ben is probably in as long as his career doesn't collapse from this point on.

Unknown said...

I don't understand how they "didn't include [...] Marvin Harrison and Derrick Brooks" when they are 13 and 12 in the slideshow?

Penn.DOT(DadOf2) said...

Neil I agree with you....I had to read that 7 times to make sure that my eyes were not playing tricks on me.

Hey, trust me, the Steelers will be WELL represented when these guys that are currently playing get the call from the Hall!!!

Mike said...

After reading Yahoo,And SI's rankings.I gotta ask what the hell are they smoking?? Ben at 12??? no way in hell..I know Parker is not the same RB he was.. but ranking him like the 40th best rb?? no way

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Hines Ward's team records and regular season accomplishments distinguish him enough as it is. His playoff numbers are sick too.

Also, Walter Jones and Richard Seymour, but no Faneca?

I also don't understand how the guy says there is no Harrison, Dawkins, etc. but they are clearly there.

Hey, they can snub us all they want, the truth is that the Steelers have won 2 of the last 4 Super Bowls. We just don't have a bunch of loud mouths or media whores on our team who are running their mouth through Twitter or plastering their face in every commercial known to man.

I strongly believe if Ben walked away from the football right now, he would be a HOF.

SantoGold said...

I wouldn't be surprised if these ranking snubs are a symptom of the national media having a little bit of Steeler Fatigue. Maybe they feel its time they knock Steeler Nation down a few pegs.

All the more reason to jam it down their throats and climb that "Stairway to Seven"!

Jeff_King_Fan said...

"I strongly believe if Ben walked away from the football right now, he would be a HOF."

I could not agree more. 2 rings, pro bowler, a rookie record that will NEVER be broken, and a winning percentage most QB's in NFL history can't claim.

KT said...

Thanks for speaking out!

This is not the first time Ben has been dissed on his Hall of Fame potential. Two years ago ESPN declared Matt Lienart (spelling?) as "a sure lock for Canton" while saying that Ben had no chance because he was just a "game manager."

It is not the first time Drew Brees has "beaten Ben." He was out voting Ben in an ESPN poll.

Steel Curtain Rising saw this and called people to vote for Ben (I think the poll is still active, its cross linked above.)

Unknown said...

i give the author no respect. it's a good laugh.