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Baltimore Raven CB Frank Walker is a seven-year NFL veteran, yet his entire professional career has been boiled down to "the guy who spit in Mitch Berger's mouth" during one of last year's Steelers-Ravens game. With one act, he joined the hallowed pro sports spitting fraternity, joining such luminaries as Bill Romanowski and Roberto Alomar. But has his attitude been slowed down at all by the Ravens' humbling 0-3 mark against the Stillers last year? Not quite. Fresh on the heels of Terrell Suggs' anti-Pittsburgh t-shirt comes a new piece of apparel from those clever Ravens:

Well, cornerback Frank Walker showed off his own Steelers-themed apparel this morning and the sentiment was similar in tone.

Walker wore a black t-shirt that had "Hey Pittsburgh" in big yellow letters and a Raven extending a purple middle finger.

As the Ravens continue their incredulous and uncreative barbs towards the reigning NFL champs, while Frank Walker continues to forget that he's Frank Walker, we Pittsburgh fans can pass the time until our first matchup with Baltimore by gazing at the following photo. See you November 29.

Walker continues the feud with the Steelers [Baltimore Sun]

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The Abiding Dude said...

Ahhhh, stay classy Baltimore!!! Doesn't "Baltimore" mean vagina in German?

okel dokel said...

The comments on the Balitmore Sun's web site are the typical crap. I love how they talk about Steeler fans being "frontrunners" like Yankee or Dodger fans.

Who the hell did these pieces of crap root for before they stole the Browns?

Steve said...

Well, seeing as how the Steelers typically seem to be in front anyway, I guess Steelers fans are front runners. Kinda like how Browns fans only root for they have any other choice?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Well, i think that we all noted just how classy and credible the Baltimore sportswriters are after reading the filth they chose to run in the week leading up to the AFC Title Game. They produce some Pulitzer Prize level material on a weekly basis

I may be off, but on of them was suggesting blowing up our bridges or something of the sort?

bluzdude said...

I live in Baltimore, and rest assured, if anyone from around here actually decided to blow up a bridge, the only thing they would succeed at doing would be blowing off their own hands.

Then they'd talk all about how badly they're going to blow up the bridge the next time.

Louis Lipps Sinks Ships said...

So clever. What's next, Justin Bannon wearing a shirt with Calvin peeing on a Steelers logo?

Steve said...

I've always liked the idea of secretly building a tall wall or barrier down the entire length of the Alleghenies from Canada to Georgia so when the bitter, hate-filled mutants from the east coast eventually start eating each other, they can be easily quarantined from ther rest of the country. Sort of like the movies Escape from New York meets Dawn of the Dead.

Just please give me some notice before it happens so I can get ther hell out of here.

JeremyT said...

God, it REALLY bothers them that they have tried to structure their entire organization after the one in Western PA, but have only managed to create a shadow of the Steelers. How can an incomplete franchise fuck with a real one?

Michelle Istanish said...

Well, at the very least the hatred can be viewed as a sign of respect, kind of like the mutual hatred for Oakland back in the day. They are an [Art] Shell of their former selves, so the Ravens and Jaguars (to a lesser extent in recent years) are seemingly the only two teams where there is some bonafide bloodletting when the two teams meet.

Speaking of unlicensed t-shirts, there are a few Pittsburgh Steeler gems out there on There is one titled IRON CITY FOOTBALL; REAL TEAM, REAL FANS, REAL FOOTBALL that pretty much sums things up for me.

Jack Fact said...

Hey Claire, speaking of Art Shell, the Ravens are a shell of their former selves as well... Do the fans in Baltimore look back to their past as Colts fans or to their bastardized heritage as Cleveland Browns? It's no wonder they try to emulate the greatest franchise, football or otherwise, in the history of sports... To your point, Jack Del Rio tried to instill that Steeler mentality, ethos, etc., but has taken a few steps back lately... It's true what they say, 'Immitation is the sincerist form of flatterly'.

That ain't an opinion, It's a JACK FACT!

The CafePress shirt is MOST excellent!

Thanks for sharing..