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If you've been on the internet at any point in the past several years, you've probably seen this photo. To say it's made the rounds is a massive understatement. But through all the years of this picture's existence, there's never been any definitive story as to its origin (at least to my knowledge).

Well, that problem has been remedied to some extent today by a reader of Kissing Suzy Kolber, and they've even included a recent picture of the world's favorite plus-sized Steeler fan. It's worth noting, however, that she may lose her crown as the go-to photo for bloggers of Steeler opponents/haters with the release of this photo recently:

For those of you upset at the Pirates being the subject of the last post, consider this the official changing of topics.

Then and Now: Fat Steelers Chick. A Study in Fandom [KSK]
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Adam said...

In regards to the previous post...

Anyone criticizing you for writing about the Pirates is the worst kind of yinzr there is.

What, are we only supposed to talk about the good teams?

If you don't care about the Pirates, whatever, that's your decision. But if you think you're a hardass by making fun of them, and disowning them, then you're just making Pittsburgh look like a front-running fraud of a sports town, rather than the great, loyal sports city that it is.

Let's Go Bucs.

johnny said...

Kind of like criticizing him for choosing to post about Pitt.

Seriously, though, I second Adam's post, and I will continue my indifference to the Pirates.