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Wednesday night: Rockies 8, Pirates 0
Thursday night: Rockies 10, Pirates 1
Friday afternoon: Cubs 17, Pirates 2

1-11 this month
7-19 since the break
46-69 overall
A starting pitcher that gives up 10 earned runs in an inning
A manager that leaves a pitcher in long enough to give up 10 earned runs in one inning
A team that's been outscored 35-3 in the past three games

I'd say this was rock bottom, but then again, I've said that about 100 times before.
Can we just keep talking about Sean Paul instead?

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Adam said...

I wasn't altogether humiliated by the homestand that ended with 8 losses in a row last week. I thought the team, mostly played fairly well and was in every game. The starting pitching was solid, and the lineup was producing (except for that near no-no).

The huge problem was the bullpen, which just seemed to blow it in a big way every blessed night.

But this roadtrip has been a disaster. When you're watching a young team grow, you can deal with tough breaks like last week, but now they're just playing bad baseball, and it isn't encouraging at all.

JW said...

Steve Jackson 4 2/3 scoreless innings relief.
Cy Young, baby!

nuthinhere said...

You have to hand it to the Pirates. When they hit rock bottom, they can always find a way to keep digging. Race for the bottom guys, you can do it!

nuthinhere said...

One more comment, well more like a plea. Can't the Pirates just be demoted to AAA or AA?? They do that in soccer leagues around the world. If you suck, you get demoted to a lower league.

Real McCoy said...

17-2 could be an omen for the Steelers record this season.

I think that is the right total of games. 16 regular season and 3 playoffs including the Super Bowl.

Doesn't matter how many they win, as long as they win the last one.

Anonymous said...

I was at this game. 4 friends and I drive all the way to Chicago. Wrigley is a great atmosphere, it's just a 41,000 seat beer garden. For the most part, the opposing fans were quite cordial.
Then the Pirates come out and play the worst 2 inning of baseball any of us can even remember. We were embarrassed, especially my friend that dressed up like an actually Pirate. He said he wished he'd bought a second eye patch, so that he wouldn't have witnessed the beat down.
Moral of the story: Never plan a vacation around these Pirates.