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--The San Francisco Giants salvaged their three-game set with the Pirates, winning 4-3 at PNC on Sunday. The Giants scored all four runs in the sixth inning, making minor amends for scoring one run in the previous 23 of the series, both Pirate wins.

The Buccos resume play Monday at 7:05 against Milwaukee, with Ross Ohlendorf matching up with the Brewers' Mike "Montgomery" Burns. [ESPN]

--Former Pirate Rick Rhoden won this weekend's American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, his 8th celebrity championship. Other local notables: Dan Quinn (3rd), Pierre Larouche (9th), Ken Whisenhunt (27th), Ben Roethlisberger (30th), Mario Lemieux (33rd), and Jerome Bettis (51st). And once again, Charles Barkley finished last. []

--Said Ian Snell to Joe Starkey on Friday night: "I think the team is better off without me." Yeah, there's nothing like a $3.2 million pitcher dominating Triple-A ball to the tune of one earned run and 34 strikeouts in 26 1/3 innings. That's great value for a franchise that could very well have seven starting position players making at or around the league minimum of $400,000. [Trib, PG]

--Jamie Dukes of the NFL Network picked the top five fan bases, and you'll probably agree with #1. Here's a clue: it's not Cleveland. []

--Here's a cool article on the Steeler bar in Rome, run by a guy who grew up in Canada. Makes sense. You know, the phrase "Steeler Nation" just doesn't do this global fan base justice anymore. []

--Tyler Kennedy parties with the Cup in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. That Cup sure does get a lot of frequent flier miles. []

--The PG checks in with Franco Dok Harris, who will be on November's ballot for the City of Pittsburgh Mayor's office. Will it be the Immaculate Election? Sorry, I had to. [PG]

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Unknown said...

Charles Barkley's days of being a laughing stock will be over once he learns the Over The Top Golf swing and starts hammering these other guys.

Frankie C