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The new radio ratings are in, and Mark Madden posted an eye-popping 14.0 among listeners 18-34 (up from 11.6), placing him #1 in that coveted demographic. He also landed at #2 among listeners 25-54. What else can you say? He's talking at a very high level right now.

--Hunter Strickland, who just came over in the Adam LaRoche LaTrade, combined with Diego Moreno for a no-hitter for the Pirates' single-A West Virginia team. Strickland threw six innings, striking out five, while Moreno tossed the final three, striking out three. Start making those 2011 World Series plans now, fellow Yinzers. []

--In one short column, Dejan Kovacevic mentions not one, not two, but seven Pirates that could move via trade: Freddy Sanchez, John Grabow, Jack Wilson, Matt Capps, Robinson Diaz, Tom Gorzelanny, and Ian Snell. At this point, it would probably be easier to make a list of players not available, but I don't think such a list exists. [PG]

--Speaking of Snell, he continues to dominate AAA, with a 0.96 ERA and 51 strikeouts for Indianapolis. I must say, that was quite the savvy deadline deal by their GM. [Trib]

--Penn State is ranked #1!!! Of course, the list is "America's Best Party Schools", and I'm pretty sure they won't play Pitt in that sport, either. Adam the Penn State Fan, a response? [PG]

--Who could clean up the Big Ben mess? ESPN's DJ Gallo suggests Jeff Reed may be up for the task. []

--Another day, another Colin Cowherd link, as he tries to explain ESPN's position on their Ben Roethlisberger coverage, claiming there was "Not a peep from Ben, his agent, or the Steelers."

Am I nuts, or did Ben's lawyer (as well as Steelers spokesman Dave Lockett) not address this almost immediately? [The Herd's Word]

--It's a sad day: the last keg of Iron City made in Pittsburgh was wheeled off the production line. on Friday. Production moves to an area you're all somewhat familiar with: Latrobe. Remember, that's where champions train. And using that rationale, if the Latrobe facility doesn't work out, it will then be brewed at Southpointe. [Trib]

--KSK really outdid themselves with their recap of Peter King's first column since being back from a well-deserved vacation, including info on his visit to the pee pee doctor. A+, gentlemen. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

--Miroslav Satan is talking to the Islanders. It's moves like these that make them...the Islanders. [Kukla's Korner]

--Ziggy Hood, the eighth first-rounder on the Steelers' roster, looks like he'll fit right in. True, the Steelers usually hit the jackpot in the first round. It's some of those later picks that need a little work (**cough**Fred Gibson**cough cough**). [PB&G]

--Levance Fields still has his sights set on playing in the NBA. He failed to make the Orlando Magic's roster this summer, but signed a lucrative contract with Russian Superleague team Spartak St. Petersburg as a Plan B. He also proved that he can still palm the ball for dramatic photos, if that holds any value to an NBA squad. [NY Daily News]

--Celebrity Chef/former Steeler Amos Zereoue had his hands full with a $100 per plate charity dinner at Appalachian Power Park in Charleston, WV. This officially becomes the second known photo of a former Steeler RB in chef attire after this vintage shot of Kevan Barlow. []

And finally, we'll miss you, Eddie Johnston. [PG]

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BURGH08 said...

To steal a phrase from Adam, Penn State is getting the kids that Pitt can't.

At least they are smart enough to know where they can go and party on Mom and Dad's dime and still stay in school.

spoon said...

I am stunned Maddens numbers are that high. Apparently people like getting called dumbass more than I expected.

Judge Smailes said...

Madden's numbers could be attributed to the Penguins run. Like him or not, he's the most knowledgeable hockey voice in Pittsburgh. It certainly can't be attributed to the music he plays during his show. How many more years can the X continue to play "Rooster" by Alice in Chains and the entire Stone Temple Pilots library? I loved that stuff 15 years ago, but let's move on.

spoon said...

I have no doubt about his hockey knowledge. That part of him I love. It's the "You're stupid" shtick that grew old with me and why I listen to XM now.

The "X" does need to move on. When you start playing some of the same music as DVE its time up upgrade.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

I do agree that the Penguins have a lot to do with Madden's ratings.
I really can't see any other reason to listen to the guy, he makes me sick.

All he does it talk about how smart and great and awesome he is when his second best attribute next to hockey knowledge is that of the porn industry.

I recall him one day talking about women's football and making fun of how big the women were and that a women's place is in the kitchen scrubbing potatoes not playing football. I thought that took a lot of nerve for someone as fat and ugly as him. Of course he could never get a woman that he doesn't have to pay for so that probably jaded him.

Anonymous said...

I don't like my Madden mixed with music, but at least it's mostly classic X stuff, probably more targeted for the older demographic and wisely so. This is the only time I don't really mind listening to music on the X for an extended period of time.

Are you actually saying you'd rather listen to crap like fallout boy or good charlotte and the rest of the new alternative "daddy doesn't love me" music that's out there now instead of STP or Alice in Chains? It's their format and it always has been. It's not broke and they're not fixing it.

Madden's on-air personality is a character. It's about as real as the character he played when he worked for WCW.

Unknown said...

Madden sure got old in a hurry. Since when is his hair that gray?

Unknown said...

Who do the Pens plan on replacing Sykora and Satan with on the wings?
Promoting from within the organization, I assume....

Michael Katz said...

While we're link dumping, check out this interview with Rod Woodson. Pretty cool. He talks about how Tony Dungy helped him switch to corner after Noll drafted him as a safety out of Purdue.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

also check out this link that i found:

BURGH08 said...


I was going to suggest:

biggamekilla said...

Do you know why Madden calls people stupid...because they are. Have you ever heard some of the calls that come into that show? The guy tells it like it is and he was incredible during the Pens playoff run. There are a lot of stupid people in this world who think they know sports (example: Alby Oxenreiter) so lets appreciate Madden for what he is "Super Genius"!