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--Two from WPXI: first, they had a body language expert (what?) break down the video of Ben Roethlisberger's statement, and that person thinks Ben's telling the truth. So that's good news, I suppose.

Second, reporter Rick Earle, who's in Nevada, learned that a private investigator posing as an autograph seeker served Ben with the court documents while he was in town for the American Century celebrity golf tournament this month. Which is probably bad news for future Ben autograph hounds. [WPXI]

--The Big Ben case was nothing compared to the lack of coverage by the entire media over the Rick Pitino extortion case. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

--Colin Cowherd picks Pitt to finish second in the Big East at 10-2 this year, trailing only 12-0 Rutgers, which returns five starters on the O-line. I guess I can live with that. [The Herd's Word]

--The NFL draft is moving to primetime in 2010, with a Thursday-night kickoff. Adjust your lives accordingly. [The Big Lead]

--Pete Prisco ranks Large Ben #4 among NFL QBs, right behind Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and hero of fantasy nerds everywhere and holder of a 1-2 lifetime record in the playoffs, Drew Brees. Fantastic. [CBS]

--James Walker previews the AFC North, and has this to say about the Champs: "Although the coaching staff won't admit it, few teams need training camp and the preseason less than Pittsburgh." Don't let Casey Hampton hear that. [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Former Steeler DT flop Orien Harris is apparently worth Raiders WR Ronald Curry in a trade engineered by the St. Louis Rams. [Fanhouse]

--Former Steeler punter Mitch Berger is among a group of past and present New Orleans Saints suing a film studio to try to get their money back from investments they say were never made. Because if there's one thing you care about, it's Mitch Berger's finances. [ESPN]

--What do the Steelers eat at training camp? Turkey burgers and cheesecake...the diet of champions. [WPXI]

--Mark Madden weighs in on the Erin Andrews peephole controversy, in a way only Mark Madden can. [WXDX Mark Madden]

--Bigfoot (the fictitious creature, not the monster truck or the Howard Stern Wack Packer) was recently spotted in Fayette County, which somehow doesn't surprise me in the least. [Cryptomundo]

--And speaking of Fayette County in a more positive light, Johnny Lujack and his Heisman visited the Connellsville HS training facility that bears his name. To the best of my knowledge, Bigfoot was not in attendance. [Herald Standard]

--Dave Dameshek gives us "The Dopple Gang", a collection of lookalikes from the world of sports and entertainment. Carolla and McBeam? Well played, Mr. Dameshek. []

--Some have snickered at the idea of the G-20 summit being held in Pittsburgh, but it's no laughing matter to residents and leaders of the city. As you know, we are very sensitive to such criticism. [NY Times]

--Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is going from a daily program to a weekly program on PBS, a decision I'm not happy with one bit. Can't we have an extra telethon or something? [PG]

--Everyone apparently had a good time at the Green Day concert in Pittsburgh on Wednesday night. I was busy that night compiling old quotes from Adam LaRoche, which was obviously just as enjoyable. [PG]

--From, it's Julie Bologna's 1992 Internship Scrapbook, with special guest appearances by Jim Krenn, Phil Bourque, and Mike Lange!

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the nigerian nightmare said...

Cowherd's article isn't about NCAA Division I Football is it? What is he thinking....oh well, had my laugh for the day. Rutgers undefeated?! And sorry but no way is Pitt going 10-2 with that quarterback situation.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i think you guys are having some problems with your website's font. because it looks like i actually read someone picking pitt to finish 10-2 this season. you may want to look into that.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

If Pitt finishes 10-2 with Bill Stull as full time starter I will jump into the Ohio River.

Anonymous said...

Bigfoot sighting in Uniontown? Has anyone confirmed that Shaq found his way to Ambridge?

Anonymous said...

Colin Cowherd is an idiot, that explains anything he may have said in that article. I can't stand the guy, so I didn't even click on the link.

Chip said...

Yeah, Cowherd went on a 15 minute tirade yesterday over the Pirates trading Adam LaRoche (who he kept calling "LaRoosh." like the former Pen).

When callers emailed or called to correct him, he took what they said out of context and then went on another tirade. The hour between Stan/Guy and The Drive is like hell having to listen to that moron. And I don't even like the Pirates!

Speaking of radio, I'm old enough to remember the glory days of DVD and Paulsen and Krenn. Paulsen being a shitty sports talk show host proves how awesome Krenn was. I wish I had a tape of some of their bits from back in the day (Pants N' Dat, Stan Guy, Love the Show, Donnie Iris, etc)

nuthinhere said...

I remember Jimmy & Steve on DVE, but I'm older than dirt :-). I did like Paulsen/Krenn though.

Unknown said...


You really don't like Paulson? I think he's the one who saves that show. Logan is only good when talking football (barely a peep when hockey is being discussed) and Crow just repeats everything that was said by the other two, except he tries to make it sound profound. I don't always agree with Paulson, but I think he's the only one of the three that consistently adds some insight.

Adam said...


Pitt: 10-2-extremely remote possibility.

Rutgers: 12-0-IMPOSSIBLE

Joshua said...

I guess Colin Cowherd and Dumbschmuck had an intimate relationship in the past of which I am not privy.

GIANTS FAN said...

This is a great sports blog that you have here. Let's exchange links since I have a sports blog as well. Let me know if this is possible.


jtads14 said...

does anyone know if the link for the erin andrews video is still out there?