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RIP, Sportsbeat.

--Bill Guerin took the Stanley Cup to the South Hills Market District Giant Eagle. But the big question: did that get him extra Fuelperks? [WPXI]

--Zach Duke and Freddy Sanchez didn't leave the bench last night, so you can't blame the latest NL All-Star loss on the Pirates. [PG]

--Check out the all-new Sports Pickle, which is now daily and more awesome. And best of luck to site creator DJ Gallo.

--Sidney Crosby does not have a Myspace page. Besides, Myspace is so 2007. [Trib]

--The Pens re-signed Ben Lovejoy and Tim Wallace. Mark your offseason scorecards accordingly. [Empty Netters]

--Should SI re-create the classic '79 Sportsman of the Year cover and name Sid and Big Ben as this year's winners? Makes sense to me. [Mark Madden / 105.9 The X]

--Deal or No Deal auditions are coming to Ross Park Mall. And no, Howie Mandel won't be there. [PG]

--Former Pitt QB Bill Daniels is the new head football coach at Our Lady of Sacred Heart HS. [Trib]

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MJ said...

How many times is Big Bill Guerin going to get the Cup for a day? Didn't he also sneak it into a South Side restaurant with his kids right after their Game 7 victory?

BurressWithButterflywings said...

The NL's losing streak is second only to the Buccos!

Steve said...

Bill can have the cup as many times as he want's as far as I care.

I guess he's just trying to make friends with his new neighbors. I wonder how much potato salad or chipped ham BBQ you can fit into that thing?

Jeff_King_Fan said...

who do u think gets more chicks: stan or mike tirico?