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Everyone remembers this incident from last year's 31-14 Titans victory over the Steelers in week 16. It was an ugly moment in Steeler history, to say the least. On a 1-10 scale, Yinzer outrage was a solid 19. To quote the great Dr. Peter Venkman, "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria."

What happened next was karmic retribution for lead Towel-stomper Keith Bulluck and the Titans. Tennessee would go on to implode in their only playoff game, a three-turnover beauty against Bert Flacco and Baltimore, the very team that would eventually fall to the Steelers in the AFC Championship. Pittsburgh would then get a few all-time-great plays in the Super Bowl and win their sixth title. As for Bulluck, his story ended the way you'd expect: getting hate mail from Steeler fans a little more than a week later.

In this video, taped last Friday, Bulluck revealed a note that he received in February, that read like this:
“On behalf of Steelers Nation, we would like to present you with our new Terrible Towel. Hang this up in your locker room.

Sincerely, the Black and Gold

P.S.: I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl.”
I'll be totally honest with you...I love the Steelers more than most things in life, and after winning the Super Bowl, sending a note and a towel to Keith Bulluck was absolutely nowhere on my radar. Then again, I could never get so angry that I'd dump garbage on Tommy Maddox's lawn, so maybe I'm not as devoted to the cause as some others.

Regardless, Bulluck has been holding onto his souvenir for, oh, four months now, which sets a nice backdrop for this year's Thursday-night Week One opener: Tennessee at Pittsburgh. Odds are that Bulluck will see quite a few towels and hear even more profane insults on that night.

Bulluck said he will not stomp on any more towels, but he mused that he may try to bury it a la the Red Sox fans burying a David Ortiz jersey in Yankee Stadium. So let's backtrack...he's going to bury a Terrible Heinz Field? That doesn't entirely make sense, but let's not forget, he plays on a team that's employed the likes of Pacman Jones, Vince Young, and Albert Haynesworth. Not making sense is a way of life in Tennessee.

Note to Keith: if Terrible Towels are in your head the entire offseason, it's probably not a good sign. But we are looking forward to seeing you on September 10. Sincerely, the Black and Gold.

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Unknown said...

The Tommy Maddox garbage thing was a complete hoax by the way. My boss was his next door neighbor for his entire stay in Pittsburgh and said the whole story was crap and actually laughed when he saw it on the news, if it had happened he stated he would have been the one leading the charge with trash bags in hand. The report was a total media fabrication.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

i dont know about that. i saw & heard Maddox saying how he's "done too much for this team and city to be treated like that." i think something did happen, to what extent, i don't know.

keith bulluck? that name sounds familiar. was he in O-town? oh, i see he's an athlete. football? really? oh, and he doesnt have any super bowl rings? the loud mouth who plays for the oilers...errr...titans. ok, now i know who he is.

Adam said...

I welcome Towel desecration if only because every time it happens, we win the Super Bowl.