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Dave and I were shot out of a cannon for this week's podcast, but we both were somehow able to recover following the excitement of Game Six. I think a few IVs were used. But as the post title implies, our lengthy conversation tried to capture what we just witnessed and what we will witness one day from now.

First off, there were questions galore. Who are the Conn Smythe favorites? Which Marc-Andre Fleury shows up for Game Seven? Who has been the most prominent of the Penguins' role players in the postseason? And why does a team whose colors are black and gold have whiteouts while waving white towels?

Those were just a few of the talking points. But ponder this topic of discussion (which I don't want to acknowledge): what happens if the Pens lose Game Seven? Does it in any way cast a shadow over the organization moving forward? And what would that mean for the 'Pittsburgh sports 2009' legacy? Will it be jubilation over holding the Stanley Cup and Lombardi Trophy at the same time, a feat that's never been done, or will it be another notch in the excruciating Pittsburgh loss category, right after an Elite Eight game lost on a buzzer-beater?

We then move to the truly important angles, like the assorted curses and jinxes at play: the Wings being on the cover of SI, King Crosby holding the Wales Trophy, Dan Bylsma eating at Qdoba, and so on. There's a lot of ground to cover, and we gave it our best shot. With that behind us, now all we can do is sit back and try to pass the time until this legacy-etching event begins on Friday night. Any suggestions?

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*Also, Dave taped a bonus segment with Puck Daddy's Greg Wyshynski, which you can listen to here

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