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At this point, there's not much more I could add to the tale of the Pittsburgh Penguins' romp through the Eastern Conference Finals. We've seen two of the best players on the planet reaching their respective pinnacles simultaneously; defense that would make Mean Joe Greene proud; a goalie making all the saves he needs to make; a disciplined squad that has nearly eliminated mental mistakes; contributions from players up and down the lineup; and a rookie coach that's extremely competent at pushing the right buttons at the right times.

Add those ingredients together, let them marinate for a few months, and they will produce results like we witnesses Saturday night, a 6-2 bloodbath on enemy turf that left an entire franchise and their fanbase scrambling for answers. 13 goals in two playoff games? That's right, although the vaunted Cam Ward has "only" allowed 11 of them.

The Penguins' killer instinct has crept into the series in a hurry. Two goals in the final minute of the first period and two goals in 40 seconds in the third period was simply Tiger Woods-esque. Kid Crosby's extreme focus and The Incredible Malk's sheer power have combined to become a nearly unstoppable duo. This is what Penguins fans envisioned years ago when these two young men fell into their lap.

It's important to remember that the series is by no means over, but after three games, it's the Penguins' to lose. Carolina has been slowed by an offense that simply cannot match their opponent's and a defense that's hanging their accomplished goalie out to dry. We've seen the recipe for success in this series, and unfortunately for Carolina, we've seen the recipe for Epic Fail as well.

Game Four is slated for 7:30 PM on Tuesday. Ironically, Carolina's last emotional gasp is none other than Bill Cowher, who is supposed to sound the siren before the game. Now we all know and love (or used to love) The Chin. But as many have pointed out, his track record in Conference Championships if iffy at best. If the Canes drop this one, he can't blame it on Kordell.

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Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

The Red Wings ain't gonna know what hit 'em. Pens in five

nuthinhere said...

I applaud your enthusiasm, but are you seeing what the Red Wings are doing to the Blackhawks?? It ain't pretty. As that wise sage Han Solo once said "don't get cocky".

And its going to be the Penguins in 6. ;-)

Penn.DOT(DadOf2) said...

This Eastern Conference Finals is quickly turning into a Series that we all can look back on and say that the Stars came out in full force.
Once again, Ray Shero looks as brilliant as ever.

The Penguins look like they play at another level than the 'Canes.

Cam Ward is getting frustrated at the amount of rubber that he's forced to try to stop (or in his case, not stop).

And with every win, The Flower is blossoming into the goalie that all in the 'Burgh thought he would be.

I will agree with nuthinhere, Pens in 6, so they can win it in Pittsburgh!!

Go Pens!!!

Jeff_King_Fan said...

The pens lose game 4, win ECF in game 5. the pens/wings finals will play out just like the caps series. dont get bent out of shape if we lose the first two.

p.s. i heard cam ward was in major league 3 back to the minors.