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We've all seen our share of incredible Mario Lemieux goals. Heck, there's been entire DVDs devoted to them. But what are the most memorable goals in Penguin history NOT scored by #66?

Dave Dameshek and I tried to begin the task in this week's podcast, but we agreed that we're just scratching the surface with our admittedly brief list. This is obviously going to be a chore that requires reader/audience participation. The possibilities are endless...Crosby, Malkin, Jagr, even guys like Nedved and Kasparaitis have a place.

This topic was obviously a direct result of Geno Malkin's amazing goal in Game Two, which Dave and I dissected at length in this installment. We also discussed Malkin's parents, whose celebrity stock has risen to legendary status in the recent past. Honestly, who doesn't love the Malkins?


It appears that Dave greatly stirred the pot during a recent podcast with Bill Simmons, so much that The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg felt the urge to write about it and so kindly describe Dave as a "native of a dying industrial town". Steinberg took issue with Dave describing Alex Ovechkin as a "villain", which is obviously waaaaay off-base, as this clip below illustrates.

I guess it's hard for a native of a sports town filled with perennial winners like the Caps, Wizards, Nationals, and Redskins to see the forest through the trees and deal with the reality that his beloved Ovie enjoys the occasional run at a player, a move his Pittsburgh peers do not have in their respective repertoires. Obviously, they're just happy to accept any player with a beating pulse that can put fans in the seats and blindly look the other way when someone points out his shortcomings. After the Steve Spurrier Era, the Michael Jordan as GM Era, the Jim Bowden Era, and all those Penguin-induced playoff exits, I guess I would get defensive when someone criticized Ovie, too.

Dave and I bring it back full circle and declare that Ovechkin is good for the league, because it's always more interesting when there's a villain around (especially when you slay them...cough, cough....RavensFlyersRavensCapitalsRavens....cough, cough).


We wrap up with some venomous words for Coach Cowher, who appears to be on the verge of forever tarnishing his Pittsburgh legacy in the near future. It's exactly the kind of talk you would expect from two natives of a dying industrial town.

All that and much more is in this week's podcast.
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Anonymous said...

DC as a sports town sucks. I live in Frederick md, and its in a triangle with Baltimore and DC. By Far I have the least respect for DC. I went and saw Thursday nights Pirates-Nationals, this kid next to me yells PITTSBURGH SUCKS. I turn to him and ask so the Pirates have taken the first 3 games of this series, the Pens showed the Caps whos boss, and the Steelers completely dominated the game and the attendence of the MNF game, who sucks now?

kids response was well they don't have 4 major sports so they don't count.

Its little things that these losers thrive on. Also DC is a Bandwagon town. They only care about you if you are winning. Like the Capitals winning the regular season division title last year and this year was celebrated.

-Greg in Frederick

Unknown said...

I know the Caps' fans (and apparently, even the lame-o sports writers who cover them) are probably pretty bitter about their recent pwnage at the hands of Pittsburgh sports teams, but that column was just weak. The words 'petty,' 'grasping,' and 'juvenile' spring to mind.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

Hey lets lay off the DC fans! I mean they do have a team in the Eastern Conference finals...wait, the pens beat them & their "star". At least the nationals won the series against the, they lost 3 out of 4. The redskins out perform the steelers...oh, i forgot, they dont have art monk anymore. well they do have the wizards...yeah, DC can hang their hat on the Wizards.

DC is missing an i, k, and heads.

Andrew said...

Hey, how do I get this podcast on iTunes? It doesn't seem to be in the regular Dameshek podcasts. The link takes me to the .mp3 - how do I get that on my ipod tho? Thanks in advance.

BURGH08 said...

I call a major 'bull____' on the DC blogger.

The guy gets his panties in a bunch over Dameshek's comments, then when Dave has him on, he claims he isn't a 'homer' and 'doesn't understand the fan perspective' like we do.

The guy makes Penn State Adam look like he is uninterested.

Please. The only thing worse than a homer that is a journalist is one that seems repulsed by being labeled as one.

Unknown said...

Steinberg is a joke.
His "columns" or blog posts or whatever are pointless dreck that are published to incite a reaction from the ridiculous so-called sports fans down here in DC.
I thought there could be nothing worse than Steinberg's writing, but when I actually heard his voice, it made my ears hurt.
It was during that particular podcast that I wished Dameshek wasn't such an amiable fella because it would have been fantastic for Dameshek to tear Steinberg a new one for being clueless about hockey. That joke even admitted he didn't know that much about the sport.

The Post needs to stop allowing their writers to write about sports they clearly don't regularly follow (Mike Wise comes to mind). Luckily, they still employ Wilbon.