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I never imagined that Pittsburgh would ever have two pro teams in the same sport. I thought that right was reserved for the Chicagos, New Yorks, and Los Angeleses of the world. But that long-awaited day has finally arrived.

A little bird named A.J. just informed me that the Steel City now has not one, but two professional women's football franchises. In addition to the Pittsburgh Passion, which was established in 2002, our city now boasts the Pittsburgh Force, which "will compete for talent and fans" with the Passion...according to the Passion's Wikipedia page.

The Force play in the Mid-Atlantic North Division of the Women's Football Alliance, alongside such teams as the Cincinnati Sizzle, owned and operated by none other than the one and only Ickey Woods, with assistance from his son, the unfortunately named "Cokey" Woods. And if you ever wanted to get in touch with the former Bengal and talk about old times, there's good news: he's got his phone number plastered all over the Sizzle's web site. Actually, he's got it up for inquiries from potential players. But I'm sure that hasn't stopped a nostalgic Cincinnatian from dialing up the former running back and attempting to talk shop.

The Force opened with an unfortunate 49-0 loss to the Columbus Comets on April 18, but rebounded nicely with a 34-28 win over Cleveland on April 25. Yes, once again, Pittsburgh continues to dominate Cleveland in football. The third game was scheduled for May 9, a showdown with Ickey's Sizzle, but alas, no results have been posted online as of this writing. But being that they were playing Cincinnati, I'm just going to assume Pittsburgh won until I hear otherwise.

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Unknown said...

i spot some hotties!!

Steve said...
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Steve said...

Since I don't want the satisfaction of Penn State Community College saying it first. I'll go first: Aren't the Pitt Panthers one of them?

okel dokel said...

According to their website they won 36 - 16.

On a side note given Ickey's ability to name his offspring, I am hopeful he did not name a daughter Ickey...Ickey Woods as a name for a woman would be, well, unfortunate.

JW said...

No wonder, when I asked the one on the right for her digits Saturday night she said "47!"

Common Sense said...

Pittsburgh Force beat the Cincinnatti Sizzle 36-18. We have a rematch with Columbus this Saturday at Ambridge High School at 7:00. The team has done a complete 180 since the last time we met. It should be a very intense game.

Just Me said...

I attended the game when the Force played Icky. While watching I found out that the Force has a running that use to play for the Passion. I have to tell you, this young lady can run the ball. She is the best female running back that I have ever seen! She ran wild on Icky`s ladies.....she was amazing. I think she may have rushed for 300 yards and 4 tds! I am going to another game just to watch this young lady run the ball. Great Job!

Common Sense said...


Torina Henley would probably love you calling her young. In fact she's 37 years old...oldest runnng back in the league and was named offensive player of the week for her awesome play. She ran for 287 yds, 4 TDs all on 7 carries! She is amazing!