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I wish I was making this up, but KDKA is reporting that the Pirates, who played Washington last night, will be visiting the White House today for a private tour. And guess what? John Russell is pulling a James Harrison and skipping out. Ironically, his reasoning may top even Harrison's excuse:

Pirates' manager John Russell said he will skip the tour saying he'd rather visit when he has a World Series ring on his finger.

Translated, John Russell is essentially saying he never wants to go to the White House, at least as long as he's the manager of the Pirates. I think in the matter of fairness, we should give him the same amount of scrutiny as Harrison received, no?

Pirates to visit White House Today [KDKA]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

Is this the White House returning a haymaker at James Harrison?

I think it could be considering his comments about only being invited after winning, so they respond by inviting a team that will never, ever be there to celebrate a World Series victory.

P.S. I already have bet that if the Pirates do win a World Series in my lifetime and are not representing another city, I have to jump in the Allegheny immediately following the final out.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

If the Pirates sweep the nationals this week, they will finish above .500 for the year. so far i'm 3-for-3 in mondesishouse predictions.

Admin said...

This is exactly why harrison aint going, it's not a big deal when u got the worst MLB team in the past 17 years going to visit.

Real McCoy said...

I lost track of the Bucs recently and was surprised to see them only 3 games under .500 and winners of their last 4.

They are +12 in runs scored compared to runs allowed, which puts them in the same range as the Cubs and Phillies.

Steve said...

Weird...In my mind, I read "Is this a joke?" like Nigel from Spinal tap said it when presented with a goat looking, zodiac caricature of himself.

I actually think the Pirates would stand a better chance of reaching .500 if they played in Dublin...I mean Dolby.