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"I am a long time reader who lives out in DC and wanted to share this photo that was taken of me when I was out in Washington state a few weeks ago. We snow shoed around Mount Rainier and got this awesome picture that I wanted to share with you." -- Vince R., Washington, D.C.


Admit long as you live, you'll associate this commercial with last year's Stanley Cup run. What can I say? I must be in a nostalgic mood.

From Chris F. of Brooklyn:

"That last post is why the Pens organization rules. They didn't owe anyone anything; it was an honest mistake. But they gave out freebies and free tickets. Those fans should be nothing but appreciative.

Here's why the Yankees suck:

I was at the Yanks/Sox game last night. Raining, Yanks trail 6-3 in the 8th. Stadium was empty. I'm in terrible seats behind home plate (in fact the worse you could get. Top row). I go down to the concessions for a piss break. In the mezzaine there are handicapped/standing room seating overlooking the 300 section (overlooking the 300 SECTION mind you) that had cleared out; hardly the good seats.

I decide "what the hell, watch the rest of the game from here." As I enter the tiny railed off area, an usher tells me I can't stand there. I took two steps back outside the area. I could stand there, just not next to the railing. Again, bottom of the 8th, 6-3 game, stadium has cleared out from the rain. Think of Meet the Parents when the woman with sticks in her hair working at the airport tells Ben Stiller to wait until they're boarding his area of the flight to enter the plane. He looks around and sees no one else waiting in line. "Are you serious? It's just one row"

More reasons to hate the Yanks (as if I needed more)."



--A 17-year-old from Chambersburg made a death threat against Alexander Ovechkin on the Penguins' message board, and Pittsburgh Police are investigating. Earlier this year, a Calgary man was arrested for threats made about Columbus' Steve Mason. [WPXI, Puck Daddy]

--New Pens banners were unveiled on their future home, Consol Energy Center. [96.1 Blog]

--Don't forget, a rare opportunity to dine in the presence of Barry Melrose, Steve Levy, Stan Savran, and Guy Junker is coming up next week at ESPN 1250's Lunch with a Legend at Morton's. [ESPN 1250]


--The Pirates dropped another one at St. Louis, this time by a 5-2 count. That's nine losses in 10 games for those of you scoring at home. Four hits just won't get it done, boys. [PBC Blog]

--Among young players who impressed Peter Gammons this spring, Pedro Alvarez ranked #8. Of course, Matt Wieters was #2, but I digress.... [Peter Gammons/ESPN]

--"For every home run hit by a Pirates player at PNC Park this season, the team will make a donation to the conservancy for the purchase of a tree native to Western Pennsylvania." Insert joke here ______________. Or in the comments section. [Trib]

--Yesterday was a crazy day in sports, and Dave Dameshek was right in the thick of things in Los Angeles. Or as it used to be called, Mannywood. [ESPN 710]

--Here's the mysterious case of decorated Pirate manager of yesteryear, Billy Meyer. [PB&G]

--Manny's positive test is Bill Simmons' worst nightmare come to life. [ESPN]


--Franco Harris and the Flying Elvi will be appearing at the new Meadows casino tomorrow night in Washington, PA. I don't think Franco will be skydiving, though. []

--James Walker is hearing that "it will be extremely tough for the Pittsburgh Steelers to make any more moves with their heralded free-agent class of 2010 without first striking a deal with left tackle Max Starks." [ESPN AFC North Blog]

--Here's a laughable argument that Philip Rivers is the best QB in the NFL under 30. Favorite quote: "Ben Roethlisberger doesn't consistently turn in enough big performances for me to start my team with him." [Stats Don't Lie]

--Rodney Harrison might replace The Bus on the NBC football roster. Do cheap shots transer well to broadcasting? [Awful Announcing]

--On the heels of acquiring Dallas safety Roy Williams, the Bengals traded former Steeler DL Orien Harris to the Rams for RB Brian Leonard. [John Clayton/ESPN]

--Big Ben was the tour guide at the site of the new Ronald McDonald House in Lawrenceville. [WTAE]


--Interesting interview with DeJuan Blair, who's currently training at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. [IMG Academies]

--Wanny has a Twitter page. Is this acceptable as a sign of the Apocalypse? []

--Here's three Pitt Panthers listed as "emerging stars from the Spring". [ESPN Big East Blog]


--Andrew Stockey says it's time for PA to let their supermarkets sell beer. I'm sure you won't get any complaints from this crowd. [Andrew Stockey Blog]

--Ellen Degeneres filmed a segment in Pittsburgh for her show this week. I'm guessing you missed it. [WPXI]

--The new Star Trek movie features a distinct Pittsburgh influence, including the new Spock, Central Catholic and CMU's Zachary Quinto. [WTAE]

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Pman said...

The guy from brooklyn is a pissant. And you are as well for printing his carping drivel. Hate the Yanks all you want, but your rationale is weak. What an asswipe.

nuthinhere said...

Andrew Stockey says it's time for PA to let their supermarkets sell beer. I'm sure you won't get any complaints from this crowd. [Andrew Stockey Blog]

I've lived away from PA for 22 years now and its still surprises me when I go back and visit that I can't get a beer in a 7-11 or grocery store. I grew up there, so you'd think I'd remember.

Christian said... were those two cars admiring the banners when they wrecked?

Vince said...

I personally am against the whole Alcohol in grocery stores, but not for any moral reasons. If you compare the selection at most PA beer distributors to the selection at other states Grocery stores you will see that our beer distributors have a significantly better selection...

In addition there are so many family owned businesses that are beer distributors that could possibly go out of business if we would allow beer in grocery stores.

Although the added convenience, I would rather keep family businesses in tact and have a better beer selection.

Broke But Still Drinking said...

You need to travel more often because PA distributors are an embarassment when compared to most out-of-state supermarkets in terms of alcohol selection.

I lived in NC and could stop in and grab a 4 pack of Boddington's. Here I have to consume an entire case. No wonder we drink so much around here. I blame the state.

Steve said...

I agree with Vince. What really needs to be done is to allow the distributors to sell liquor/wine. The selection at the state stores is awful and middle of the shelf quality. Doing this would create more distibutors, which would create more competition and in effect, better quality/selection.

In NJ, they don't sell beer in convenience stores either, but there's usually a beer/liquor store within 5 minutes of anywhere that's open even on Sunday's and the selection for both is 10 times better than PA. Not only that, but you can buy single bottle, or 6 pack too, instead of the case or barrel only policy that the PA distribtors are limited too.

Now if NJ would only let us pump our own gas we'd be getting somewhere.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

I also live in NC and could not agree more with Broke but drinking!!!!

The Duke from Dukes Court said...

In regards to issues with changing seats at baseball games I have had similar problems at Pirates games at PNC Park. Back at Three Rivers in the late 90s you could basically sit wherever you wanted, but at PNC they are pretty anal about moving seats even if most of the stadium is empty.

Vince said...

Yes, I agree with more six pack shops would be nice (and they are popping up across the state alot more), but sometimes I want to get a case of good beer which is impossible in grocery stores...