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Major credit goes to A.J., who reminded me this morning that Caps coach Bruce Boudreau was, in fact, in the classic hockey film Slap Shot, shot in Johnstown and released in 1977. I did some digging and found the YouTube clip, which IDs Boudreau as #7 in green for the Presidents.

I also found this article which elaborated on the abbreviated acting career of the Caps' head man:

Just how long has Boudreau been around? Well, consider that he's probably watched Slap Shot more than any living person in history, not that he'd have to because he lived it. The Johnstown Jets were the Minnesota Fighting Saints farm team and when the movie was being shot in 1975, Boudreau was in his rookie pro season and was used for many of the on-ice scenes.

No speaking role, though.

"I pretty much just hung around the camera – I was a bit of a hot dog," Boudreau said. "I show it to my kids now just to prove to them that one day I had hair."

And photo evidence of said hair can be found in this photo, middle row, third from left:

So what have we learned? Boudreau is indeed the only man to ever be connected to both "Ogie" and "Ovie". And he's lost a lot of hair.

*Fun sidenote: here's an awesome casting call for a revision of the original Slap Shot. I love the choice of Paul Rudd in the Ned Braden role.

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