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Larry Foote officially joined the ranks of ex-Steeler linebackers on Monday, when he was released by the team. You can now add his name to a star-studded list that includes Kendrell Bell, Chad Brown, Jason Gildon, Kevin Greene, Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, Mike Merriweather, and Joey Porter.

It is speculated that the Steelers tried to wrangle a trade, but found no willing partners for the 28-year-old longtime starter. Foote's pending $2.885 million salary for certainly played a factor in his release. As previously reported, Foote is hoping to join the 0-16 Detroit Lions, his hometown team.

Foote's replacement next season in Pittsburgh will be Lawrence Timmons, the third-year man who doubles as Mike Tomlin's first-ever draft pick. Timmons started two games last season but played in all 16, racking up 65 tackles, five sacks, and one 89-yard interception. He should be more than ready to step into a spot in the league's top defense after two years of marinating on the sidelines.

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1 comment:

Steve said...

How bad would that be if you ask to be traded from the Super Bowl Champion Steelers, only to have them release you because there were no takers and then even Detroit might not even take you?

Sometimes players just don't know how good they have it. $2.8 million to share linebacker duties on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Geee, I guess that would suck.

Foote = Dolt. See ya dummy!