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Well, I guess enough of you listened to last week's "special" podcast, because Dave and I were back at it today, gabbing it up for a half-hour full of Pittsburgh-centric sports talk. So from the bottom of my black-and-gold-bleeding heart, I thank you for your support.

Being that Dave is currently in L.A., we started things off this week with a hot topic in his area, performance enhancing drugs. But we had a unique angle to tackle: how would Pittsburgh deal with a big-name athlete that was juicing?

After initially blaming the Pirates' 16-year losing streak on their lack of players who used PEDs, I use some historical examples to make my point on where Pittsburghers would stand if this ever happened. It quickly evolved into a psychological dissertation on the city. How, I don't quite know. But hopefully it makes some sense.

We then tackle the touchy subject of Bill Cowher, Carolina Hurricane SuperFan. I explain the hurt that Pittsburgh is feeling and Dave expresses shock and outrage at The Chin, who seems to be enjoying his adopted team waaay too much.

Finally, it's time to talk Pittsburgh hockey, specifically the pending Game Four between the Pens and Caps. We talk about solving Simeon Varlamov, the roller-coaster that is Geno Malkin, and exactly how far the Pens can go in this postseason.

You can listen to this week's podcast by clicking here.

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Dave said...

You really think none of the Bucs roided in the last 16 years? If the best players are doing it, then certainly the fringe players are going to use just to keep up. Look at Brian Giles, he has the classic steroid body type. First Bucco to hit 30+ homers 7 straight years or something.

You wonder why all our young pitchers were blowing out their arms? I can't say for sure that it was steroids, but all signs certainly point in that direction.

And the argument that only the top players are getting caught? Until recently the only names released were scrubs or guys who only had a cup of coffee in the majors. Not until Canseco did any real names show up. The fact is that this was a problem at all levels of the sport.

As always, love the podcast. Keep up the good work.