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30 years later, a new generation has a shot at experiencing a "City of Champions" era. Just months after the Steelers returned from the Super Bowl with the Lombardi Trophy in hand, the Penguins have a chance to raise Lord Stanley in the very near future.

Game Four started off with Bill Cowher furiously cranking the Hurricanes' pregame siren, as promised and heavily hyped. Of course, Versus was too busy to actually show this on live TV, lest they take away from their highly acclaimed lead-in program, Holy @#%*! But thank goodness for highlights and their screen-capture opportunities.

If Cowher decides to give up his CBS gig, he might have a scholarship offer open up as the Texas Tech Bell Ringer:

As Hot Dog Zanzabar reminds me, "Kid Crosby was waving a Terrible Tahl when announced as the number 1 star when Mr Bill's team had their Super Bowl run." Yes, I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that the city of Pittsburgh won't be too thrilled with Cowher's in-game interview. That's fine. He can watch his neighbor Matt Cullen golfing next week.

But back to serious business, where Eric Staal opened up the game's scoring just 1:36 into the first period, beating Marc-Andre Fleury and giving the Cowher-charged crowd even more momentum. Eric looked awfully angry after scoring, though.
About seven minutes later, perennially rosy-cheeked Ruslan Fedotenko tied it with his sixth goal of the playoffs, tipping in Philippe Boucher's shot from the point. And who else but Mad Max Talbot put the Pens ahead for good with a knuckle-puck that beat Ward with a minute and a half left in the first. What can you say? 12 goals in the regular season, four in the playoffs. He's a superstar.
The second period featured just one goal - the seventh of the playoffs for Bill Guerin, who's probably justified that conditional draft pick that the Penguins will give up for him in the draft. He was the #1 star in the Eastern Conference clincher. Thanks again for the boost, Garth Snow!
With 20 minutes to go until a second straight berth in the Stanley Cup Finals, all eyes were on Marc-Andre Fleury to hold down the fort. And MAF did exactly that, turning away all 10 Hurricane shots in the final period while getting an empty netter from Craig Adams, closing out the Canes with a surprising four-game sweep. As the clock ticked to 0:00, the Prince of Wales Trophy was given to the Pens, who decided they wouldn't treat it like it was covered in cooties this year. A bearded 66 looked on in approval.
So to put a bow on this one, Carolina peaked a minute and a half in, their goalie and their team looked physically and emotionally spent, MAF stopped nearly everything Carolina threw at him, and Bill Cowher continued to struggle in conference championships. It was time for this series to end, and the Penguins didn't mess around.

The Pens sit just four wins away from the third title in team history, and a likely rematch with Marian Hossa and Detroit awaits them, as long as the Wings can close out Chicago on Wednesday night [preview]. It's a good thing, because I'm thinking of an obvious sequel to this photo:

Check back throughout the day for more pics, video, and links, and feel free to drop me a line with your two cents. LET'S GO PENS!

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HotDog_Zanzabar said...

As a kid, I could tell when my father was really ticked at me when he wouldn't yell...he was just silent. As the silence broke, he'd state, "I'm not mad, I'm just really disappointed".

Mr. Bill, right now I'm really disappointed.

As for the hockey, congrats to the Pens for battling through to get back to the Cup. It's so hard to get back with the toll the playoffs take and the time lost preparing for the upcoming season. They've been through a lot in the last 11+ months and they aren't going to stumble out of the tunnel (thanks for setting the stage last year MAF) like they did last year.

tola'at sfarim said...

more cowbell anyone?
also that last pic of lemieux and jagr......thats some serious hair. the only thing to match that would be crosbys beard.

nuthinhere said...

For some reason I don't give a whiff over Cowher's 'betrayel'. I mean he lives in Raleigh now and if he winds up coaching again,it will be in NC(NC State would be my guess). So this didn't bother me much. As for the Pens beat down of the WhalerCanes, YIKES!! I almost felt bad for Hartf,,,,Carolina. These guys are going to be tough to beat. Crosby, Malkin, & company are a determined bunch. I'm now hoping for Chicago to stretch there series to 6 (even better 7) games. Lets face it, the Wings are going to win that one. I just want Detroit limping & worn out before playing the Pens.

NickDawg said...

Im sorry but every Pittsburgher/Yinzer I have ever met has a ton of pride no matter where they got transplanted or moved to. Mr. Bill's actions to me where a slap in the face for our city. While I appreciate the work he put in with the Steelers, I wont look at that douche bag the same.

Hail Mike Tomlin!!!!

HotDog_Zanzabar said...

I agree NickDawg

Steve said...
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Steve said...

The whole "I'm an Eastern Conference guy" thing ticked me off too. So if the Flyers won he'd be rooting for them? Show some pride for Christ sakes Bill. I seriously doubt he was ever really a Steeler fan either. It was just a job I guess. Yinzer my ass.

What's next Bill, you have to move to China because your wife wants too and you become a communist so you can drive a tank during the parades?

From one transplant to another, grow a spine already will ya.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

this is just a hunch, and i maybe wrong, but i think a lot of people care about the bill cowher supporting hurricanes thing?

which young athlete has had more success thus far: Sidney Crosby or LeBron James?

the pirates beat the cubs today, and BOTH laroche's go deep.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

to hell with my last prediction