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As you're well aware of, Bill "Benedict" Cowher will be cranking the siren for the Carolina Hurricanes prior to tonight's Game Four with the Pens. I've discussed the topic at length and ran this picture about 800 times, but for one last go-round, I'll direct you to an AOL Fanhouse article written by Adam Gretz which gets a few different Pittsburgh points of view on the topic. And for a longer take in audio form, you can listen to the most recent Mondesi's House/Dave Dameshek podcast here. I won't spoil it for you, but you can probably write my answer to this question better than I could at this point.

By Sounding Siren, Is Bill Cowher Turning His Back on Pittsburgh? [Fanhouse]

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Unknown said...

If Bill Cowher wants to root for the Hurricanes, than more power to him. I am more disappointed in his judgment than anything else. :)

The only unforgivable line he shouldn't cross, in my eyes, is to coach any other AFC North team, especially Cleveland or Baltimore.

Jonny Van Mundegaarde said...

He's getting on with his life, adopting his new surroundings. More power to him. Nothing he does at a hockey game can take away what he did for the Steeler franchise for 15 seasons.

Steve said...

Sorry, I don't buy it. I lived out of Pittsburgh for almost 20 years now and your not going to see me cheering on the Flyers, Eagles or Phillies just so I can be tighter with my neighbors.

Adopting to your life in new surroundings doesn't mean you have to burn bridges to your past, where you were raised and the teams you supposedly rooted for. Unless that is, you didn't really care for those things that much anyway, which is the feeling I've always gotten from Cowher.

I've known many of his kind and he's the typical ex-Pittsburgh person who couldn't wait to be somewhere else when he was there.

Ya,'s only hockey. But remember, this is the guy who also picked the Ravens to beat the Steelers in this season playoffs. Now whether he really felt that way or not, a real Pittsburgher who people associate with the Pittsburgh Steelers, isn't going to announce it on national TV.