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During last year's Stanley Cup Finals, Wholey's Fish Market in the Strip District (shown above) banned the sale of octopi to Detroit fans, going as far as checking ID at the register. At the time, Benkovitz Seafood saw things a little differently:

"I would have no problem selling them an octopus," Benkovitz employee Cindy Norman said. "I don't watch hockey."

Proving once again that our city's priorities are clearly in order, Benkovitz has since seen the light and will jump on the anti-Detroit bandwagon:

“They might bring a stinky squid in their car from Detroit, but not from my store here,” said Horatio Ruiz of Benkovitz Seafoods. “This is for us, and for the Pittsburgh fans only.”

Clearly, a point has been made by residents of Pittsburgh: either you're with us or you're against us. Wholey's gets it. Jerome Bettis gets it. Others might take a little time, but eventually, everyone comes around. Once you get to know us, we're really a lovable group, in an angry-mob kinda way.

No Octopus For You: Local Fish Market Bans Detroit Fans [WPXI]
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Unknown said...

Signs should read all over the city:

"If you're name is Hossa, you are not allowed to eat here!

*Must prove you have a soul at the register."

Kyle Chrise said...

No Squid For You!

Steve said...

I remember that. I think whether or not Cindy Norman watches hockey isn't the point and quite frankly, she sounds like an ass.

Pens fans should throw her slimy carcass on the ice.

BurressWithButterflywings said...

The Pens Blog is trying to get Pens fan to infiltrate the JLA and throw something unique on the ice. They are taking suggestions as to what should be tossed, perhaps something idigenous to our area.

My two cents:

Maid Marian's severed head!


JeremyT said...

How about Isaly's Chipped Ham? Will that shit even fly? Or maybe some frozen pierogies and an onion. Speaking of, It's almost dinnertime. LETS GO PENS (in 7).

Steve said...

How about a paper bag full of about 10 pounds of gold glitter and Angel perfume.

jsut try getting that stuff off the ice.

Plus, every player who comes in contact with it will have to explain to his wife or girlfriend about why he was at a strip club after the game.