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Noted Detroit native Jerome Bettis was definitely paying attention to the recent hockey-related shenanigans by a certain football coach from Crafton. And he's proven that he's much, much smarter than this man:

The Bus was at Duquesne University on Wednesday, congratulating students from the Pittsburgh Rooney Accelerated Learning Academy who learned the ins and outs of computers during a recent eight-week camp sponsored by Bettis's foundation.

The Notre Dame-educated Bettis had this to say about the pending Stanley Cup matchup:

"Right now, it is championship season for hockey. The Pens are now, it looks like, going to play the Red Wings, and I'm torn," said Bettis, who hails from Detroit. "This year, it's time for the Penguins to win the championship. ... This year, it's time for the young guys to become men and become champions."

It's worth noting that Mr. Bettis does own a rather large eating and drinking establishment in the heart of Pittsburgh, and rather than go the way of Rod Woodson's old place, the Bus realized that sometimes, you have to cater to your audience. Which means you probably won't be seeing #36 throwing an octopus onto the ice during the Finals.

Detroit Native Bettis: 'Go Pens!' [WTAE/video]
Pittsburgh academy students awarded computers by 'The Bus' [Trib]

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BurressWithButterflywings said...

I don't think we needed this story to figure the headline out.

I was glad to see Bill go when he did, which is easier to say now with hindsight being 20/20, but I felt he became complacent in the season after SB XL.

Have fun jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon.

Steve said...

I hope Cullen and Cowher have a wonderful life together.

Maybe Bill's onto something though. Maybe we should all just find new teams to root for every other year or so, that way it'll always be fresh and exciting. I mean, supporting the same teams year after year can get stale and even stressful, especially when they lose...I hate that.

I hear Bill's looking at property in California, so he can have a new West Coast baseball connection as they've got 4 teams to choose from there. Lord knows the Pirates aren't doing it for him anymore.

Jeff_King_Fan said...

this picture of cowher may just be the funniest picture of all time. all due respect to derek bell's mug shot, this is first ballot hall of fame stuff right here.

nuthinhere said...

You know I don't live in W.PA anymore, so why should I root for the Pirates. I've done so for 40 years and its time for a change. I live in DC now, so time to jump on that Nationals bandwagon!! GO NATS!!


ok, maybe not.