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The city of Philadelphia isn't exactly on our Christmas card list right now, but they do have one more bright spot than they did yesterday: the Eagles are getting a top-flight running back in the form of Pitt's Shady McCoy, who they selected with their second-round pick, 53rd overall.

ESPN had McCoy ranked 37th overall, which means he fell below his projected spot. I would agree that 53 seemed later than anyone could've anticipated when he originally announced his intentions for the draft. He was the fourth running back taken, behind Georgia's Knowshon Moreno (Denver, 12th overall), UConn's Donald Brown (Indianapolis, 27th), and Ohio State's Beanie Wells (Arizona, 31st). He was taken ahead of well-known backs such as Iowa's Shonn Greene and Michigan State's Javon Ringer.

Luckily for Shady, he hit the jackpot in terms of a fit for his skills and a depth chart that offers little outside of Brian Westbrook. He has the opportunity to do very well as an Eagle, and it's not too far from his hometown of Harrisburg, which he probably views as another plus. And he's already been tagged as a "must-handcuff" for all you fantasy nerds out there (myself included).

Ironically, last year's 53rd overall pick is a guy who's been discussed at great length on this site, one Limas Sweed. Sweed signed a four-year contract with the Steelers that included a signing bonus of $1,560,000 and rookie-minimum salaries of $295,000 in 2008, $380,000 in 2009, $470,000 in 2010 and $595,000 in 2011. So while McCoy may not be making the same kind of scratch as Moreno will this season, it will be a pretty significant raise from the $0 he made playing football last season.

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