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In his professional debut for the Class A Lynchburg Hillcats, Pedro Alvarez went 3-for-4 with a single, double, towering home run, two runs scored and four RBI. He also single-handedly fixed the economy, found Osama bin Laden, and babysat for the Octomom. But he did not walk on water. That's reserved for Chad Hermansen.

Seriously though, you can't ask for a better start from the guy, especially after the human drama of last summer, which will become ancient history if he can do this at PNC Park on even a semi-regular basis. His progress will certainly be fun to follow this season.

Alvarez homers in professional debut [PBC Blog]

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Jeff_King_Fan said...

pedro has contributed more this season than andy laroche

Steve said...

I say move him up to the big team now. If he can bat even half as good at this in the majors, he's an upgrade over what they have at 3rd base now. Plus, he's managed to play a full game without an error. Seriously, do the Bucs think the team they're fielding now is so much above Alvarez?

Could they seriously believe Pedro would be handcuffing their chances of playing .500 ball, let alone a playoff spot by giving him his major league grooming with the main team? He'll be here by September anyway, so what's the big deal?

I guess they just want him to get a taste of winning before they crush his hope and dreams at PNC Park like the rest of us.