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That brief email I posted this morning concerning Flyer fans really struck a nerve, because I've received a few follow-ups from other readers that I felt compelled to immediately share. From what I can gather, it sounded like an extremely high-class gathering of people celebrating the sport of hockey. Or the complete opposite. Yeah, the opposite.

"Following up on that fight story -- I also attended game 4 while wearing my blue Malkin jersey, and I threw together this list of things people yelled at me over the course of the evening, from the standard gay things to someone literally punching me after the empty netter went in." - Dan H. from Elvis Has Left

"I too was at the game on Tuesday and the Wachovia center was quite crazy. I will give you a few of my observations to go along with the emailer you posted earlier. First off, when we told my classmates here that we were going they told us we were crazy so I had some idea of what we were in for. The verbal abuse started as soon as we got out of the car with comments about Crosby and everything. I am certain I have never been called a fag so many times in my life. We got to our seats pretty early and so we avoided the section wide "a**hole" chants that other Pens fans were greeted with. The entire game I just sat in anticipation of something escalating beyond verbal abuse- you know beer being dumped, pushing, something- but it never did. The only physical altercation occurred as we were leaving and some punk tried to stand in our way and was met with a nice forearm to the ribs and he did nothing about it. As for the fans, it was absolutely amazing how much crap they talked about both the pens and their own Flyers. I have been to many Pens games and cannot ever remember the fans near me bashing the opposition so much. It bordered on obsession. As for the intimidation factor, A) it is very intimidating- the roar after the Carcillo goal was louder than anything i have ever heard, but B) the Flyers arena staff do quite a bit to fire up the crowd including having some D-bag get on the microphone before the game to tell the fans what Max talbot had said about them. They also replay every non-call or questionable call on the jumbotron to get the fans fired up about the referees- it is now clear why they feel cheated all the time. You never get a replay like that from the Pens arena. Could you imagine the Yinzers if the Steelers replayed every non-hold on Harrison!?! And then there is the organist that plays to the tune of "Crosby sucks"- there is no Flyers chant that would work for that tune and is solely played to rag on Crosby. All in all we had a blast and the crowd was bad, but not as bad as i had anticipated. We heard many concede the fact that Fleury was simply unbeatable." -- Brad A.

"I too live in the Philly area. I was at the conference finals last year too. Last year I wore my Crosby jersey and was facewashed by a turd in a Flyer uniform (complete with gloves and helmet). I always try to avoid trouble because I'm a law enforcement officer, and I could potentially lose my job for brawling while off duty. For that reason I dressed as Guy Incognito this year, but sat next to my buddy wearing his vintage Nedved jersey with the diagonal "Pittsburgh". Needless to say, the cursing and BS was incessant. Favorite quote directed at my friend: "You're a bandwagon fan. I can still see the pricetags on that brand new jersey." Uh, yeah. The nice usher had to make two trips up to our section to warn the jerks around us to stop cursing at us. We didn't ask, mind you. She could see and hear what was going on from a ways off. She told my buddy at the end of the game she was happy the Flyers would lose so she wouldn't have to deal with their fans until next year.

I had a friend sitting in another section. He watched a Penguin fan get a beer poured on him, then jumped by a few Flyer fans/thugs in a restroom. The kid emerged roughed up with his jersey torn off his body. I won't repeat the unending homophobic filth I heard in the restrooms. In fact, "Fa**ot" was about the only word I think these people knew, other than "A**hole". And there's no pattern to the boorish behavior. At times I saw gray haired old men, other times it was women and even 11 year old kids. Classy. I know I could never bring my little daughter to a Flyer game even if she would dress normally- unless I wanted to explain what those words meant, why the people in orange were punching the other people, and the reality of "alternate lifestyles" while attending a hockey game.

In the 'burgh you hear chants of "Let's go Pens". In Philly they only chant: "A**hole" and "Crosby Sucks". I hate Flyer fans." -- P.L.

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Erik said...

I attended game 3 in my powder blue Malkin.

The number of times I heard the following:

39 Crosby sucks Malkin's dick
23 Malkin sucks Crosby's dick
1 Crosby wears a skirt (from a man wearing a orange wig AND a hairnet)
2 fake high fives
1 "fake" trip
1 Go back to Pittsburgh (from an usher)
34 You're a pussy
10 Let's beat up the Pens fan
1 Hey, you're an inbred hick from a Rocky Dennis clone.

I even took the subway home (I'm a badass). It was way worse in there.

pens fan in philly said...

I sat in the same section as the Nedved fan and can vouch for everything "guy incognito" said

pens fan in philly said...

i also forgot to mention that i attended game 2 as well and witnessed one of the greatest moments in trash talk history.... 2 flyers fans sitting multiple rows behind us in E17 and at the 2nd intermission a guy about 20 starts mocking them asking if they want his towel to cry into. and then out steps all 4 foot 65 pounds of 9 yr old muscle and starts laying into these two clowns- pointing his finger, giving some angry eyes, yelling something about them never winning anything. the whole section just turned and laughed. what a performance by the youngster

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Puck Fhilly.... Let's Go Pens!

BurressWithButterflywings said...

Puck Fhilly.... Let's Go Pens!

Unknown said...

I find it funny in a age where everyone catches everything on video through cellphones, that all of these supposed acts that happened and nobody caught any of it to backup their claims. Why not make up more claims of how the evil fans killed your dog or burned your house down after the games? They're just as believable without proof.

I had a Pens fan pour a beer on me once during last years playoff series, I don't blame all of the fans, I blame those 1 or 2 idiots and the small group who cheered them on.

I can't wait to read next weeks evil Philly fans news from those who got cancer from the fans during the Flyers game six victory. :P

johnny said...


You must have gotten lost on the way to the 700 level and ended up here by accident.

Anonymous said...

actually the flyers fans did kill my puppy, gave my mom cancer, and burned my house down! however, the pens still won, so it was cool... sorry mom, sacrafices must be made

Anonymous said...

I was at the Igloo this year vs. the Maple Leafs in a Leafs jersey with a bunch of Leafs jersey wearing buddies, and I have to say that the people in Pittsburgh are pretty classy.
There were only a couple of douches, but they were just responding to our (borderline excessive) celebrating so I don't fault them.
I came away from Pittsburgh with nothing but good things to say about the experience there, so kudos to not being low-life degenerates like those from the city of "brotherly love"

I R A Darth Aggie said...

I thought being a Phlyers phan was an alternative lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

WOOOOO FUCK THE PENS AND THE REST OF SHITSBURGH!!! Cant handle a little ragging? Bunch of pussies

Anonymous said...

Greatest piece of fiction I have ever read. Just further confims how whimpy Pittsburgh fans are.

For the idiot that stated the fans don't do negative chants in Pittsburgh, what about all those Marty chants?

No wonder why no one likes the Penguins, a bunch a girls playing in a men's league. Oh god no he hit our player in to the board, that should be a penalty.

Oh, no, he didn't. He just touched Crosby's stick. He should get kicked out of the game for that.

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh complaints on a Pittsburgh fan blog.

That's like Fox News saying Republicans are awesome and Democrats sucks.

Might take this more serious if a neutral person reported behavior at Mellon Arena or the Wachovia Center.

Anonymous said...

I heard a Flyers fan was anal penatrated in the mens restroom after Game 5 by someone wearing a Pittsburgh blue jersey.

Why is nobody reporting that on this site...

okel dokel said...

@74Flyers75 and kill the pistons

At no point in your rambling incoherent responses were either of you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought.

Everyone in this blog is now dumber for having read it.

I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

Anonymous said...

Great movie reference...tool. Get over it. You people are babies. You go to another stadium in your team's jersey, you take that risk. I think it is awesome when someone comes into another rink with another jersey shows balls. But then to come back and cry to all your buddies on here is sad and funny at the same time. All you pittsburgh people do is claim how blue collar and tough your city/fans are and then you pull this. "oh no people called me a fag, boo fuckity hoo"

Graffin said...

stay out of our building you pittspuke rats. how dare you wear your jerseys in our house

okel dokel said...

@ McClintock and Jocko

FU you pussies. I see you are living up to your reputations. I see you like to hide as well.

okel dokel said...

@ McCLintock and Jocko

Take your constant f'ing whining elsewhere. You are the whiners. We never get any calls...wah, wah

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
okel dokel said...

@ John

Bring it shithead

Anonymous said...

actually okel,it was meant for that polesmoker jocko. my bad.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't expect anything related to Shitsburgh to comprehend a rational thought.

I hope all Shitsburgh fans get the shit beat out of them at Game 6. hell, if you are going to give us that reputation, we might as well do something to earn it.

okel dokel said...


NP and you are right; he is a polesmoker

Anonymous said...

74cryers,honestly dude,nobody really gives a flying fuck about you or your window licking pals. i'd love for one of you retarded douchebags to try that tough guy shit on me. you'd need all the help you could get.

Staalsy11 said...

To me, the whole "Crosby is a whiner" argument is one of the most hypocritical things that could exit a Flyer fan's mouth... I mean, are you guys NOT hearing your whining coach after every loss about how the officials cost you the game?? How the Pens are getting away with murder?? I mean, for once, I'd just like to hear John Stevens say "You know what? Pittsburgh was the better team today..." But no! Every damn game... That nerd needs to go back down to the AHL.. the Flyers will never get past the Pens in the playoffs as long as Clive Owen is coaching them....

Also, to the Flyer fans, do you think you could focus on, you know, CHEERING for your team instead of getting on the other team (and our fans) for once?? I don't have a problem with the smack talk that goes on when a visiting team's fan goes to the game, but when it gets physical, that's pretty bush league...

Graffin said...

Go back to your second rate city aluminum boys. go back to your mine (oh thats right your steel industry collapsed). lol

okel dokel said...


R U really that stupid? Coal comes from a mine and steel comes from a mill. The Steel industry died 30 years ago and took Bethelem and Coatesville with it.

Alcoa is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminium, is #80 in the Fortune 500, and is headquartered in Pittsburgh.

Go back to sniffing glue and polishing turds you D-list douchebag.

Big Bad Jocko said...

funny the way the Penguin fruits coward away from us Flyer fans. They were scared to death. I thought Pitt was a tough city. LOL. Wusses

okel dokel said...

Chrisanne, 74Flyers75, McClintock, Jocko, kill the pistons and bigbadJOcko69

Where are you now????

Chrisanne nice game six victory. McClintock you are not only a tool but a sh*thead. The other three your combined brain power might light a candle but I doubt it.

Enjoy your summer pricks.